Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

And a happy Vday to my husband:

I had a conversation with my friend Heather on Facebook.  She mentioned that her boy friend's (that's my oldest grandson) everyday behavior was more important to her than candy or flowers.  I told her most men only get the cards and candy and flowers for their sweethearts because they know she will throw a hissy fit if they don't.  They have been trained.  They know how to avoid trouble at home.  I've heard women talk about yelling at their significant others for not getting them a valentine.  
Doesn't the whole thing lose some magic if the poor guy is spending money on you because he was threatened?  
So Cliff and I discussed this as we walked in the pasture today.  
"The one thing you should know beyond all doubt," he said, "is that I love you."  
Then we talked about how so much of the gift-giving is for show.  It always seemed peculiar to me that men would send women flowers at work.  Why not send them to their home?  Oh wait, if you send them to work, everybody will SEE how MUCH he loves you.    
And then I remembered to tell Cliff I ordered a burr coffee grinder for $87 a couple days ago.  "Hey Cliff, that can be my Valentine present from you!"
"Yeah," he said, "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Cliff took me and his sister for dinner at the local Mexican place Sunday, and he and I will celebrate the day tomorrow when the candy will be half-price.  I've found a really fancy place to eat while we're out:

Burger King, two chicken sandwiches for the price of one.  Yep, that suits me just fine.  
After we returned from our walk, I went blog-hopping and found out Angela had been thinking along the same lines as Heather and I had, and expressed her thoughts in her blog.  
And I said to myself, I'm gonna express my thoughts too!


  1. Amen to everything you say here.

  2. Happy Valentines Day! Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I like back when you gave a Valentine card (usually homemade) to someone you really cared about...not because you "had" too!!! and like other "holidays"...it is too commercialized now to enjoy...it is a fun time in our family...taking crazy pictures and putting them on red hearts you cut out!!! I love the "love" part...and I so enjoy someone or anyone telling me...I love you..and mean it nicely...love and hugs to you and Cliff...and I mean it...sincerely!!!!! LOLOL

  4. Heather is a very wise woman.

    In defense of receiving flowers at work - I spent many more waking hours there than I did at home during the average workweek. Not that my husband ever sent me any, but still...

  5. LOVE your Valentine to Cliff. Just perfect. And his to you. That coffee grinder sounds mighty nice. We've been celebrating all day here doing the things we love without a big fanfare. Thought I'd take a quick break to wish you, Cliff, Iris and company a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. take care.

  6. Happy Valentines Day. Every day should be filled with love and expressions of love. I read this book and one of the guys always left his wife a love note every day. "Today with be overcast with possibility of rain. please take your umbrella - i love you more than life itself!" I thought that was so romantic. he passed away quickly and all their fans (he and she were regulars on the Story Corps (?) Project) send over 1500 letters expressing their sympathy. She reads these now instead of the love note. Anyway - expressions of love are so simple and mean so much.

  7. Love those BK chicken sandwiches :)


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