Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Zoom in on Gratitude: 30 day challenge


This is the music box/jewelry box that my maternal grandfather gave Grandma Stevens around the time they first got married.  It's in terrible condition.  Three years ago I paid a guy to get it playing again.  When I was a kid this sat on a stand beside Grandma's bed, and I loved to wind it up and listen to it play.  Grandma never told me to leave it alone, no matter how many times I listened to it. I made a video of it when I first brought it home from the clock-repair shop.  You may recognize "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home".  I think the other song is "Anniversary Waltz".   This thing is around a hundred years old.


  1. Vicki8:16 AM

    Very beautiful and very fragile. You're so fortunate to have this treasure. Vicki

  2. You do definitely have something old to be thankful for. What a wonderful blessing it would be to have such sweet memories too.

  3. I absolutely, positively ADORE old music boxes. This GEM of yours is PRICELESS. All those memories of your grandmother and being a child. No matter what shape it is in, hand it down to the daughters or granddaughters in your family. make them vow to TREASURE it always. It's BEAUTIFUL and sounds GREAT.

  4. Something nice to remember your Grandmother.

  5. That's very old! And treasured. I have my grandmother's uncle's pocket watch. It's very nice and probably quite valuable. But the most valuable thing is that she entrusted me with it.


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