Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adele on Newt

I never heard of Adele until the Grammies, which we never, ever watch and I don't know why we watched this year.  I was stunned by her talent.
Now I'm going to post a video, not to be political, but because it's interesting and because I KNOW Patsy in Arkansas will like it.  I found this on Kevin's blog.  He's one of my left-leaning bloggie friends.  I have to read a few liberal blogs so I don't tip over from leaning to the right too far.
While the Grammies were on a commercial break, Adele sang a whole song about Newt, and here it is:

(Just for the record, I don't care for Newt.)


  1. I like Adele.
    I still like Newt.
    Anybody but Romney.

  2. Who KNEW what goes on during commercials? Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Dee from Tenneessee

    THANKS for sharing - made my day!!!!!! ZERO respect for Newt..ZERO!


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