Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Wow, I can't believe I spelled that properly; I was waiting for spell-check to correct me.  

My daughter had an encounter with a deer this morning.  She's at work, evidently OK, but shaken up... and very sad, because she loves this car.  She calls it "the smokin' hot Neon".  
The first really good horse I owned was a Missouri Foxtrotter named Lad.  He was young and spooked easily, but otherwise was a fun-loving, people-loving creature.  Since he came long before the age of digital cameras, I have very few pictures of him.  Yesterday a Facebook friend posted a picture of her on Lad; I used to ride him to town and say hello to her mother, with whom I worked.  The little girl was a classmate of my daughter.  She tagged me with the following photo yesterday:
True, it's an unflattering picture of the horse.  But I only have a couple pictures of him, so I was thrilled to see this.  I love the memories it brought back, too.  Cliff used to take a stick and rake it along the side of a metal pole barn to make a racket:  Lad would cavort and kick up his heels running about, and then go running up to Cliff.  A neighbor was standing beside him once when he did this, and was scared to death by the approaching horse, who meant no harm at all; it was a game he and Cliff played all the time.  

I have turned off word verification, since Blogger has made it so difficult.  If I start getting a lot of spam, I will enable turn on comment moderation.  I really hope I don't have to do that.


  1. OUCH!! That just hurts looking at it. I am always terrified of hitting a deer.

    Lad looks like a great horse. Makes me miss my horse.

  2. I agree that word verification is a pain. The letters are almost unidentifiable sometimes and now we have two of them to deal with. I've been doing bloggers comment moderation for quite a while now. It may be confusing to some at first as they think their comment didn't take, but I get a lot of spam. Sorry to hear about your daughters car but glad she is ok. Cars can be replaced or repaired but with people it's not so easy.

  3. Deer can do a lot of damage. I'm glad she wasn't hurt.

  4. Glad that she wasn't hurt. Helen

  5. I figure it's not a question of "if" I'll hit a deer, but rather "when" and "how bad". Glad your daughter wasn't hurt.

  6. We used to live on a road with lots of deer and frequent lake effect fog. I had many many close calls but managed to never more than bump one. I considered myself quite lucky.

    I'm glad your daughter is okay.

    And I'm not spam! Really!

  7. nerves05 (nancy)7:22 AM

    I'm glad she is ok. Hopefully the smoking hot neon can be fixing and back on the road again. Smoking hot.

  8. I'm glad your daughter is safe. My daughter ran into a deer, a month or two ago, and mananged to walk away too. I hope the smoking NEON gets repaired and is not considered totaled. Take care.


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