Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Just keepin' it real

On one of our trips to Arkansas on the motorcycle, we made our usual stop at a scenic overlook to take in the Grand Canyon of the Ozarks.  I went into the little souvenir shop there and found a coffee cup I just had to have.  I'm a sucker for coffee cups.  
Unfortunately, the word "Arkansas" washed off within six months of buying the cup, but the other words are still there for the world to see. 

It just tickled my funny bone, you know?  
So, since we've attended the same church for three Sundays in a row, Pastor Tom came to call on us yesterday.  Cliff asked him if he wanted some coffee, and guess which cup Cliff chose?  
I noticed Pastor Tom discreetly turned the cup so it faced away from him, I think perhaps because he was going to crack up if he kept looking at it.  
We discussed our past church histories.  I told him I'm pretty comfortable in any church, but I haven't found any I agreed with 100%.  
He listed the points on which he felt people MUST agree, and those were fine with me.  
Then he asked if we had any questions.  
Well, you know me.  I had a question.
"Since this church is not associated with any denomination, if you croak, who would be the next preacher?"  
I think Cliff would gladly have crawled under a chair at this point, but hey... I don't want to hook up with a church that's based on one preacher.  Preachers die, preachers leave.  
So he explained what process would likely be used to find a new pastor, in the unfortunate event of his passing.  
Sounded good to me.
This church already passed the acid test last Sunday:  Cliff wore overalls to church, and they didn't kick us out.   
So Pastor Tom said a prayer with us and left.  So far, so good.


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Mo, God doesn't care what you wear, just so you come. I know people think differently, but that's because they're reading a different Bible. As long as they preach the true gospel, I'll go. Love your blogs. MBT

  2. Seems as if maybe you've found a church you can be comfortable in.

  3. The pastor came to visit? That's a great deal.It sounds like you've found a church home. :)

  4. Had to chuckle about Cliff giving the preacher THAT particular mug. VERY FUNNY, indeed. You have to ask what questions satisfy you, in the long run. If Cliff can come in his overalls and you like the answers you got... maybe you've found the place for you? Take care.

  5. I once attended a non-denominal Bible study because a friend invited me. I loved going and sharing but then after several years I discovered it was not non-denominational after all. It was in fact very prejudiced and then I had to quit going. I felt like I wasn't welcome at all there. I hope the church you attend isn't like that Bible study was. Having been at the church I go to for almost 50 years now I don't think I'd ever change.

  6. "Ma", I understand what you are talking about. Years ago in the AOL Christian chat room it seemed as though many protestants were prejudiced against Catholics. My friend Maria didn't let them chase her away, though.

  7. nerves05 ( Nancy)7:26 AM

    YOU ARE SO FUNNY! This is why i stick around Mrs Donna. I think me and you have alot in common.

  8. Hee....when people come to visit me, I have to stop and think for a minute if their sense of humor and mine are similar. If not, they get a plain white mug. If so, they get the one that says 'A Giant Mug of Shut The *beeep* Up' (only there's no *beeep* on the mug.)

    (ROFLMAO at my WV = de debal hahaha...I'm crying....)


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