Friday, February 03, 2012


Since Cliff retired, we have become very fussy about eating out.  We're on a budget, you know.  Still, we can afford to buy our dinner once a week or so.  Nothing pricey, mind you, nothing too fancy.  For instance, this week we ate at that Mennonite restaurant at Jamesport and loved every bite.  
Last week I talked Cliff into taking me to Chipolte because I've heard people bragging about how good the food is there.  What a waste of twenty bucks.  Seriously, who wants rice and corn on her burrito?  Oh yeah, and I like my burritos warm, thank you.  Those big, fat vegetable-laden burritos were cold when we got them.  Don't tell me about the organic chickens or the happy cows.  If I'm going to shred an animal's meat, cook it, and eat it, I don't care how happy it was because it ain't happy now.  To make matters worse, Chipoltes doesn't have a senior discount.  
Cliff's favorite fast food burger is the Whopper at Burger King.  Last month they had a deal on Whoppers:  buy one, get one free.  I'm sure it was no bargain by the time we drove twenty-five miles to Blue Springs to get our burgers, but hey... it got us out of the house.  
Ever since that trip to Burger King, we have obsessed over one detail:  If you want cheese on your Whopper, they charge you a dollar for it.  One buck for a lousy, very thin piece of cheese.  
We've talked about wrapping up a couple slices of cheese and putting them in my purse next time we go, then walking in there and ordering our Whoppers.  Once we we're seated, we would put our own slices of cheese on the burgers.  Would they kick us out?  We can't help but wonder.  
Tomorrow and Sunday, February 4 and 5, onion rings are free at Burger King.  We're thinking maybe it's time for another Whopper trip, just so we can have the free onion rings.  
Cliff said, "Don't forget, we'll take our own cheese."  
I said, "I'd do that except for one thing.  Walmart is just down the street from Burger King.  You know all those people with cameras that submit pictures to 'People of Walmart'?  If they saw us in Burger King putting our own cheese on the burgers, they'd take our pictures and submit it to 'People of Walmart' just to prove that the same people patronize Burger King." 

We laughed all the way home from the doctor today.  


  1. Seriously--a buck for a slice of cheese.

    Whatever happened to "morality" in this world? What a huge ripoff. There is no shame in the world.

    On a better, lighter subject: you and Cliff are right--great, funny post. Good for you.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I've brought my own cheese slices to BK! and I keep ketchup packs in my purse, too. I forget where I was with Adrian a few days ago and he asked for a ketchup and they said it was 50 cents. WTH? Because the overpriced burger wasn't violation enough? Ugh....

    ....and while I'm ranting, I think Chipotle is disgusting. Ryan's coworkers had some catered and she brought it home. I was like 'It may be free, but no. No." Where else are you planning on going? I can save you the effort! LOL

  3. That IS HILARIOUS! One dollar for a piece of cheese is outrageous. We like BK deals too. My husband enjoyed the two for 1 chicken sandwiches they had a while back. He also liked getting 2 Whoppers for the price of one.They tasted good to him when he was on chemo! I LOVE onion rings. I wonder if our BK is doing that too.

  4. If I liked cheese a lot I would chance it. I had a friend who used to take her home grown onion in to a restaurant.

  5. I love Chipotle, personally. Just a difference in likes, I suppose. I also take my own cheese to many places. I will not pay for cheese.

    Cheese rebels-UNITE!

  6. I like chipotle but I always order it in a bowl. I got a big mouth but there is now way this thing fits in there.

  7. I agree with MEESHA get the bowl if you go to Chipolte's. You get more. Also tell them you don't want corn or rice on it if you don't want it. It's a pick and chose your own toppings place, so SHOUT it out. We love our BOGOF coupons to eat out. Makes our day. Had to laugh about the cheese on the Whopper, though. Go ahead and DO it. We have a Diner that we frequent here that is terrific, except for one thing. I LOVE parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning (a special blend by WILDMAN SPICES with hot pepper flakes)on my scrambled eggs. They don't have either one. They charge extra for cheddar, mozarella or blue. So I bring my own cheese. People have given me the EVIL EYE when they see me pulling my cheese and spice shaker out of my purse and put it on the table. But I figure I'm paying $5 for the meal so I'll do what I want. And if we all end up on YouTube, so be it. ENJOY your burgers and FREE onion rings this weekend. Don't forget to bring your cheese. LOL take care.

  8. I wouldn't pay $1 for a slice of cheese! Good grief! Not when I can buy a whole pack for $2!!

    I think if you want it badly enough you should bring your own!! They aren't going to kick you out. We have gotten food at one fast food joint and went to another because someone else wanted that food and we have eaten both foods at the second joint. No one cares.


  9. The only thing worse than a cold burrito is a soggy taco......

  10. I LOLd at Jon's comment. Now that is a sad sad truth!!

  11. there are a number of places in florida who do the "buy one get one free" now and again... it makes you wonder why do that? just drop the price to half of what we pay and everone would be so happy they'd eat there twice as much!

  12. I don't eat out except for special occasions and when I do I'm going to go all the way...not taking my own cheese or anything else. I figure it's a treat so I'll splurge. What's the fun of going out to eat if you take your own. There were years when my family was growing up that we never ate out and if we were going someplace for the day we'd pack a picnic lunch. More and more I'm liking my own cooking and would honestly prefer that more and more.

  13. Anonymous7:36 AM

    You so appeal to my pragmatism. It ain't happy now! Love it!

  14. oh how funny. I say go for it. Slap the cheese on there. Once you pay for the burger, it's yours. If you are not in your pajamas and don't wear your pants down at your knees, the Walmart cameras will overlook you. lol

  15. gmthiel999:00 AM

    Mo, You've always had a way with words and thoughts. I can just see you and Cliff splattered across the internet as "To cheese or not to cheese" that remains the question. But, it does make wonder something. I have a good friend and when we go out to eat, she orders water wtih extra lemons and then adds the sugar packets to the water. To me, I think this is wrong. It's sort of like stealing. She always tells me "it's cheaper this way." I just can't bring myself to do it. If I want something to drink, I'll order it. And if I order water, I will not put any sugar in it.

  16. Mary, I don't really feel it's wrong as long as your friend ordered a meal. I'm sure the place is still making money. Personally, I'm not crazy enough about lemonade to sit there and squeeze a bunch of lemon slices in my water. And I imagine your friend gets some strange looks. I'd be rather embarrassed to do what she does. Margaret, all the BKs are doing the free fries this weekend; check out their website.

  17. Now you made me hungry for a Whopper, lol.


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