Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some of you are going "hmmm" with me... questions?

Inga, a regular reader, said the sitemeter shows her as being in Overbook, Kansas, which is quite a distance from where she lives.  This is normal.  I am with Centurylink, formerly Embarq.  They show me to be in towns as far as two hundred miles away.  Oh, and they move me from time to time, for some reason only they know.  Many stat-counters show my location as Warrensburg, fifty miles from here.   If you are with AOL, no location is given.  If my Kansas City Russian friend visits from his work location, he shows up as being in Illinois (or he did the last time I checked).
Nancy, if someone is on the blog for long periods but only show up as reading one page during their visit, I  always assume they either went to sleep or walked away from the computer.  But the person I showed in the last entry read many, many pages.  Another thing, lots of people show as being here zero seconds.  That's not accurate, because my husband reads my blog daily and diligently, and his time spent reading an entry usually shows as zero.  
If there are other questions on this subject, I will edit this entry and answer them here.
Sitemeter has a free version; that's what I use.  Go to to get it.


  1. How do you get a sitemeter? Does it come from Blogger? Or is it something you pay for seperately?

  2. That was odd. I hadn't looked before. My visit said I was in Sunrise Beach, over by Lake of the Ozarks. About 175 miles away.

    Vewwwy Stwange....

  3. Sam and Meesha were just in chicago... maybe it was accurate.... although, I know for a fact that because of his lurid past he has to keep moving.

  4. I wonder where I am! LOL I used to have site meter on my blog. Maybe I should re-install it. I never paid attention to it though. Have a good day.

  5. Mine shows an address that says I live about 2 hour away, too. Strange. Anyway, I'm one of those that frequently walk away from the computer to take care of laundry, etc, and forget I'm on a blog. And I've been known to doze off when I am sitting with the laptop in the recliner! What I'd like to know is how do bloggers keep so much information hidden? Nothing will show except Unknown and a couple of question marks. Are they always with AOL? I was thinking I read one time where there was a way to keep that info private, but I don't remember what it was. Interesting post!

  6. Mine was accurate, although I don't actually live in Tacoma. I don't live in any city--just unincorporated Pierce County. My computer stats were correct though. Weird how it knows. By the way, why are the new captas(sp?) for every blogger blog so INCREDIBLY difficult. I can't even make out most of them. It's crazy!!


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