Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things that make me go "hmmm".

Longtime readers know how addicted I am to my sitemeter.  More and more, people are keeping their browsing private.  This means I don't see their location, but I am still informed of a few details about them. For instance, even if you are using private browsing, I am able to see if you have a Mac.  I can tell which browser you are using, and which ones you have on your computer that you are not using.  All this useless information fascinates me.  In fact, you folks can check it out yourselves.  Just scroll down on the right-hand side of my blog until you see this:
Click on it and snoop around all you like.  I could fix it so nobody can see it except me, but that's no fun.  

OK, here's the exciting part:  somebody has recently discovered me, and they are laboriously reading back through my blog one entry at a time.  I can understand this; when I first discovered Pioneer Woman, I spent hours going back over her blog... which was much more interesting and funny in those days, but I see why:  After all those years, she has pretty much blogged about everything she has ever done.  If you want to see her best entries, go read the ones from five or six years ago, like THIS ONE.  You will laugh out loud.  
But I digress.  

Meet my newest fan (or stalker, whatever).  He or she has a Mac and uses Hughes satellite to connect to the Internet.  The location is unknown.  This person is spending hours reading my blog.  You can see they read thirteen pages on this visit.  Since I'm no Pioneer Woman, I very seldom have people spend this much time reading past entries.  Usually when they do, they are reading my mother's story, which is probably the most interesting thing on my blog.  
Come on, my new friend.  'Fess up.  Introduce yourself.  


  1. Isn't that interesting Donna! It shows my location as Overbrook, KS, that is pretty far away from where I actually am. I wonder why that is?


  2. Nerves05 (nancy)7:38 AM

    Donna, You are interesting. I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the carefree country life you have. And hope when i'm your age i'll be as happy as you and cliff are.

    You may see that i'm on there for long periods of time as well.
    But i'm normally reading while i'm at work. So i work inbetween reading so there may be quite a length of time i'm on here. Also i tend to look over your blog list and link to those. which opens up another window so there i am still on your blog. Since we bascilly read the same blogs. It a convenience thing.. So i'm not a stalker. I promise. I told you we really have a lot of things in common. :-)

  3. nerves05 (nancy)7:48 AM

    I think mine comes up as Houtson, TX. Since i'm at work when i'm on here it comes up as my corp office since our computers goes through their server. And they use AT&T so i think thats me. But i'm really in Jacksonville, FL

  4. It wasn't me.. this time. :)

  5. I look at mine all the time. Also, I use the blogger STATS as well. It's interesting. A lot of my blogger readers come thru you. So I'm thankful for that.

  6. I sometimes look--but it makes me curious and I don't do well with that emotion. Plus, it seems like the location isn't always accurate anyway. Now I'll have to see how I'm listed on your site meter. :)

  7. VERY interesting information indeed.

  8. I think you may be seeing me perusing your site. I use hughesnet, chrome but I'm on an PC not mac. VAJerry from YT. I've been on medical LOA since the end of OCT. You posted a link on YT and I thought I'd look things over.

  9. Jerry!!!! Good to meet you, and now I know I can't trust my statcounter when it says somebody is on a Mac. I love my Yesterday's Tractors people.


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