Friday, February 10, 2012

A Bus Tour

Cliff and I have been doing a little vacation dreaming today.  We have been planning to see Glacier National Park this summer, by hook or by crook.  Boy, that's a long drive.  I don't drive, which leaves it up to Cliff.  Of course I read aloud to him, so I do help to pass the time in that way.  

Today I asked him what he thought about a bus tour.  That way he'd be able to gawk along with me at all the beauty of the mountains.  He seemed mildly interested, so I did some online research.  Caravan Tours has what appears to cover an area we would enjoy visiting.  It's mostly in Canada, so we'd have to get a passport.  
For the two of us, it would cost about $2,400.  That includes hotels and most meals.  
But we would be responsible for getting ourselves to Calgary.  That's another $1,000.  Oh, we have the funds.  I'm thinking about selling my hot tub, which would help the cause immensely.  We don't use it as often as we used to, and I want to see Glacier National Park.  We'd be selling it for a third of what we paid, but we've had a lot of fun with it.      
Anyway.  For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, it's doable, with or without the hot tub in the deal.  
Cliff is concerned about switching planes on the way.  I assured him that on my many flights to chat room reunions across the country, I never came close to missing a plane.  That's because I am willing to approach anybody who appears to be employed at the airport to inquire how to get to my plane.  One time I was escorted by a janitor to my proper waiting spot at the far end of some gigantic airport.  True story.    
My main concern is figuring out the proper timing so that our flight reaches Calgary at the right time for us to connect with the tour group at the hotel.   
I don't know if we'll end up doing this or not, but it's fun thinking about it.  A person needs something nice to dream about on these cold winter evenings.


  1. Bus trips are so nice because you don't have to worry about how to get there or where to park and as you say everyone in the party can look.

  2. It sounds wonderful. I've never been on a bus tour but lots do so I'm thinking it would be great. I cannot drive long distances at all any more. What an exciting dream you have. Hope it comes true for you.

  3. Video was nice. Hope your DREAM turns into REALITY. It's GORGEOUS country up there. Never been on a bus ride that far. Bathrooms on buses are always a problem with the shorter trips I've been on. I'd love doing the same thing by train, though. However you get there, it's sure to be memorable. Take care and let those dreams warm your heart.

  4. Bus tour sounds like a neat thing...but that is a little expensive.

  5. Vicki9:06 AM

    What a great idea. The video sure makes you want to be there. I hope this dream becomes a reality for you and Cliff. I was wondering how long this trip would take. Vicki

  6. I love vacation dreaming! I seem to do a lot of it this time of year (February). I hate these cold days! Those nice days had us spoiled.

  7. That is a gorgeous place! I like the idea of the bus tour. I always plan at least a couple of hours layover if I have to catch another flight. It's never a problem because I buy a coffee and read. Airports are easy these days; they have reader boards with gates of various flights and lots of signage. That said, I try to avoid anything other than non-stops.(especially in the winter when delays are common) I couldn't avoid it for certain trips though like Florida and Africa. :)


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