Monday, December 13, 2010

Paying it forward, or paying it back?

When Cliff went to work for his present (fantastic) employer seventeen years ago, there was a policy in place against hiring relatives of employees.  The only way around this was to marry a fellow employee; then both the husband and wife were allowed to remain.    
Within the last year or two, that policy changed; relatives of employees are now allowed to work there.  
Our son-in-law was out of a job for quite a long time.  The last extension on his unemployment benefits had, I believe, run out.  He'd had some excellent job interviews, but none of those panned out.  
So he asked Cliff if there would be a chance of getting hired where he works.  
Yes, Cliff told him.  But you have to work as a temp for at least ninety days before they'll actually hire you.  So it's a risk; there's no guarantee you'll be hired full-time.  
Kevin took the risk, and last Monday he officially became an employee of the wonderful place that Cliff has always referred to as "my retirement villa".   
Rachel says Kevin comes home from work content and happy.  He's making more money than he's ever made, and there are frequent raises in store for him, not to mention health insurance before long, a 401K plan, and other fringe benefits, like paid vacations.  
So the oldest grandson came by a few weeks back and we mentioned that Kevin was working where Cliff works.  
"I thought they wouldn't hire relatives," Arick said.  
Cliff told him that policy had changed.  
So now Arick is working there as a temp; here's hoping this turns out as well for him as it did for Kevin.  
It looks like when Cliff retires, he'll be leaving a legacy of relatives behind.    
He's actually doing for someone else what was done for him seventeen years ago.  A next-door neighbor worked at this place and knew a lady who might be able to get Cliff hired.  She not only got Cliff in the door, but she turned out to be one of his best friends and confidantes at work, steering him out of harm's way a time or two.  He's really missed her since she retired. 
Thanks, Velma.


  1. Its wonderful that they were both able to get good jobs. That isn't easy at all in today's job market. I do hope they get in plenty of wonderful years just as Cliff has done.

  2. This is wonderful. My Mel worked at a place like that the last seven years of his life and we still have several relatives working there. Wish he would have worked there all those years he knocked himself out for a company who didn't have many benifits.

  3. That is absolutely wonderful! I hope things work out for Kevin & Arrick was well as it has for Cliff! I also hope they make Cliff proud!

  4. What a holiday gift for the whole family! It's great to be happy in your workplace considering how much time we actually do spend there.


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