Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve

We won't be doing anything special tomorrow night; Cliff actually has to work tomorrow, although they're having his shift go in early so those who party will get home in time to do so.  Cliff has his paid day off on Monday, which seems strange to me, since it's two days after New Year's day.  
I used to celebrate with my children.  I'd tear up newspapers for days so we'd have plenty of confetti.  We'd watch local TV as midnight approached, and on the stroke of midnight we'd bang on pots and pans and throw home-made confetti like crazy.  
You could still find stray pieces of confetti laying in corners and in the heat vents in July.  That's when we finally had heat vents; in the pictures below, all we had was an old propane stove in the living room (with a fan that didn't work) and a wood stove in the basement.  
We had some friends, the Dudleys, who spent many New Year's Eves with us; Boyde and I would strum our guitars and sing all the country songs that were popular at the time, songs like "Okie From Muskogee" and "Folsom Prison Blues".  For some reason, little Johnny cried every time his dad sang "A Boy Named Sue".
  That's Johnny Dudley with the soda, and my son, who was always running around in a very cold house in his underwear.  I believe that guitar on the floor was a Christmas gift to my daughter.  How about that wallpaper, eh?  

Nope, I see her guitar was different.  I'd say this is a later year than when that other picture was taken, anyhow.  Nice rug, eh?  Looks like the ornaments on the Christmas tree are rather sparse.      
Anyhow, Jon got me reminiscing about past New Year's Eves; mine always involved the kids and, for years, the Dudleys.  

This is Boyde and Donna as they look now, taken four or five years ago.  They spend winters in Florida.   Boyde had a scare with throat cancer some time back, but he came through it just fine.  

I hope every one of my readers has a wonderful New Year.  Be safe!


  1. Donna I love old pictures. I really ought to go to the basement and sort thru some of them and scan and post them. They just take me back :)

    I wanted to wish you and Cliff a Very Happy and Healthy New Year! CH and I always stay home, have a few special goodies to eat, and most always fall asleep before midnight. Yep it is just too dang exciting around our house. I bet I wish you Happy New Year again before it gets here!

  2. You daughter is a moron. When I saw that Dad had Monday off, I thought, "Weird, so does Kevin!" When it hit me that they work for the same company, I felt more than a little stupid. *sigh* This is why I shouldn't take vacation days. Brain turns to mush.

  3. What wonderful memories of past New Years Eves you have. I've never made homemade confetti but we had some great ones too. I'll be having a quiet evening here tomorrow too and the nice thing is I'll be enjoying it. I think it's great that the young people can party, but for me a quiet evening is good. Best wishes for you and Cliff for a very Happy New Year too.

  4. Oh yeah, and if I click on that picture of me, it looks like I have to pee. What kind of pose is that?

  5. Lindie11:43 AM

    Happy New Year to you. Am spending mine in San Antonio with my girls and their families.


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