Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Cliff's doing today

The weather is nasty cold today, with strong winds.  That doesn't keep Cliff from having his fun; there's a propane heater in the shop.  He's hoping to find a wood stove to put out there by next winter.

He's doing something-or-other with the steering on the 550 Oliver.  He told me what, but it was Greek to me.

Cliff's nephew Mike, who has moved in next door with his mom, is helping.  That truck in the background belongs to our oldest grandson; he had to replace the U-joint, and what better place to do that than Grandpa's shop?

He got done with his truck and stuck around awhile, watching progress on the tractor.  He and Mike had fun laughing at Cliff's old-timey country music, "Howlin' at the Moon" in particular.

Don't they know that's a classic?  I fail to see what's so hilarious about this fine song.  Why, Hank Williams is practically the father of country music!  

Watch the following video and you'll see what happens to me today, every time I step out the door.  Thanks to Wil for this one.


  1. great post, of course, for so many reasons.

    Of all the Hank Williams, Sr. songs I've heard--I thought I'd heard them all--I now know I still have homework to do.

    and thanks for the duck post. that was funny.

    Keep warm and have a nice weekend

  2. Lindie3:18 PM

    This is the kind of music I listened when I was homesick in Germany! Never heard it before but It felt like home! On the other subject, cold winter coming! I left the Nutcracker Ballet last night and the really frezing wind almost blew me over. If a young man hadn't grabbed me I would have gone down.

  3. Oh that poor Mama.
    Worried for her brood and helpless herself.
    All she could was regain her composure and lead them on. She's one tough Mama.
    Thanks for the flick.

    Oh, and music? I'm tone deaf. Most music isn't much more than noise to me. Sorry


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