Sunday, December 26, 2010


My daughter's girls are thirteen and fifteen years old.  Now I know they love one another, but at those ages, you know how kids are.  It can be a love/hate relationship, and neither is likely to admit to loving the other one.  
So when I saw Natalie had posted this on Facebook, I was amazed.  "Natalie loves her sister Monica Lea soooo much."  
I indicated that I fainted at reading that message.  
Turns out Natalie forgot to log out of her account, so Monica posted as Natalie, using her name.  

I thought that was a great trick!  


  1. That is funny. My younger sister and I are four years apart and we could get into some good squabbles.

  2. Have to be careful leaving one's FB page open! ;) My girls hated each other at that age, but now are good friends.

  3. lol. Yes that seems to happen a lot! Hope you all had a nice Christmas.

  4. I love it! sister has a Facebook account....I gotta go "drop in" on her.....

  5. funny as only a sister can be. I know or did know Helen's pass word on her blog or I should said I did one night when I was up late I posted a photo on her blog, next morning she couldn't decide how that photo got her on her blog. she called me asking how could that happen? I told her I didn't have a clue.finally had to confess.


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