Monday, December 27, 2010


hoarfrost |ˈhôrˌfrôst; -ˌfräst|
a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences, etc.  

We had a pretty landscape to look at when we went for our walk this morning.  

Even the neighbor's weed patch next door was pretty.  Never mind the smudge in the middle of the picture; there's a spot inside my camera lens somewhere.  I tried to fix it and made it worse.  Just pretend like it's a cloud.  

So pretty.  

Everybody told me I'd have to buy a coat for Iris come wintertime because she's so short-haired.  Shoot, she runs so fast and hard she's panting when it's zero.  

Interesting pattern of frost on the gate.  

My icy barefoot tracks from where I got out of the hot tub last night with temperatures in the teens.


  1. Pictures are beautiful. I am sure the hot tub was awesome. George especially loves to do a hot tub in cold weather. We always get a cabin with one and we've done the hot tubs in the snow on Spring break. lol. Just yesterday, George took a shower and opened the window to let the cold air in. lol I like it too but not like he does. lol

  2. What a lovely landscape you have there today. Glad you got that hot tub working again to enjoy. It would be like taking a little mini trip to the beach for sure. Hope your Monday is a great one!

  3. Yes, it was a great morning for shots, wasn't it? I think/hope I got several good ones. Here's hoping.

  4. Those were beautiful pictures. Helen

  5. It was beautiful here too Donna, especially when the sun first came out. You were much braver than I was, I debated but just didn't want throw clothes on and get out is 9 degree temps! Beautiful shots! Brrrrr

  6. What, your hot tub is OUTSIDE? In the freezing outside? I couldn't do that!

  7. Vicki9:53 AM

    Pretty pictures. You've captured the beauty of Winter. Vicki

  8. The woods look like something out of a Victorian novel.


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