Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Memories and stuff

This is the main street of North Kansas City; judging by the cars, this picture must have been taken around 1950; however, it looked about the same in 1960.
That Woolworth store on the right was where I held down my first job, after school during the Christmas season.  On the left is Katz Drug, which is where I got most all my 45-RPM records of Elvis and Pat Boone and Conway Twitty.  On the left side of the street further back is a store that was called "Three Sisters".
Henry Hornet, the North Kansas City High School mascot, put this picture on Facebook.  Wow, what memories.
Now some silliness.  I almost hate to share this because I know how stupid it sounds, an old lady playing silly farming games.  So if it seems too crazy to you, just stop reading and send the men in the white coats after me.
On Farmville, you send gifts to your farming friends and they send gifts to you:  cows, chickens, building materials for barns (nails, boards, etc.).  At Christmas time there are special gifts and games we play.
So, there's this snowman.  You can't just by the snowman; oh no, your friends have to send you piles of snow until there are enough, then you have your basic snowman.  Then you have to beg friends for buttons and a carrot nose and a scarf.  I got all that done, and the only thing left was to get the magic hat, which makes the snowman dance.
Farmville told me I had to get the hat from one of two people.  Nobody else could send it.  The two people, though, don't play Farmville any more.  But I saw someone else's snowman dancing, and I really wanted mine to dance!  So I went to my friend's wall and begged her for a favor.
She told me she sent me the hat; wouldn't you know Farmville decided to be ornery?  It won't load, so I can't see whether my snowman got his hat or not.
I took a video earlier of somebody else's snowman dancing.  Looks like this is the only one I'm going to see for awhile.

I think I need to get a life; can I hear an "amen"?


  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    I play farmville (level 100) - spend lots of time on it. I built only 1 snowman because when I saw the crazy thing dancing, it looked like he had a bad case of gas. I said (to myself) that when I reached 100, I would sell the farm but still playing and almost to level 101 (lacking 8,000 points). If you need a good neighbor, I'll hunt you up on FV. I am retired, so playing a lot and having lots of fun. Met some real nice folks too.

  2. Even though I don't play that you won't hear an amen from me. I do other things my relatives think are silly. At least we aren't complaining or spying on the neighbors. I think it is all good for our minds.

  3. Lindie8:42 PM

    I think you have a very nice life!

  4. Fortunately, in these days and times, there are many treatment options for Cyber OCD... including behavior modification and meds that will allow you to do Farmville in your own head. Just suggesting here.

  5. Nerves05 ( Nancy)7:31 AM

    I play farmville and i miss it, My computer died and right now $$ is tight so i just have to do without, and they blocked facebook on our computers at work ( darn it), so i'm just SOL

  6. You're in good company. Some of my favorite people are "farming".


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