Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Learning new things

Today I learned how to gain access to the library books that were hiding on my Nook, thanks to a little help from a friend.  
The lady I spoke with at the library when I got my card said that, although the library books automatically disappear from my computer after two weeks, they are on my reader forever, or as long as I want them there.  
That sounds to good to be true; we'll see.  
Not every book you're looking for at the public library is available as an e-book.  I imagine there will be more and more of them, as time goes by.  But just don't think you'll be able to borrow every single book you want to read in the form of an e-book.  
I found out there's a dictionary on the Nook, so if I come upon a word I don't understand it's easy to learn the meaning, without losing my place in the book I'm reading.  There's also quick access to footnotes, which is really handy in the lengthy book I'm reading now, "Anna Karenina".   
Didn't I just say here yesterday that I don't like love stories?  
Guess what?  I'm reading a love story, sort of.  But it's also a book about farming and horse-racing and who knows what all; I'm not yet halfway through it, so anything could happen.    
Anyhow, if I skip a day or two of posting on my blog, you'll know it's because I'm reading.  And reading.  And reading.  


  1. The books stay on your reader until you delete them, but they are not readable after the lending period is up. Don't quote me, but I think it checks the dates when you connect to your computer to know they are supposed to be gone. If you want to remove them from your reader (and I usually do because it seems silly to keep them after I can't read them)here's what you do. The next time you hook your Nook to the computer and use the Adobe program to move library books, click on the Nook icon itself. You will see the old library book. click on the upper left hand corner (I don't remember if you right click or left click--try both) and it will offer you a triangle and some options. Which options depend on where you are in the lending period. Some of them are 'return book early' and 'remove book from this device'. Click on the option that pertains to your situation and you are ready to go! I often return books early when I finish them so the next person can check out the book. Even though the are 'ebooks' the library is only allowed to have a certain number of copies out at any one time... just like a real paper book!

  2. I'm glad you are mastering your new toy! Enjoy!


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