Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brown Sugar candy

Several of my readers expressed interest in the brown sugar candy.  I scanned the recipe card that my mom filled out for me, so you're seeing her handwriting (much neater than mine); notice the calorie count in the upper right-hand corner?  That's the calories for the total batch; Evidently I was trying to keep from consuming too much at some time or other, and thought that adding the calorie content would motivate me to eat less candy.  I'm sure it didn't work then any better than it does now; in fact, I don't even see that number any more when I get the card out.
I will warn you, most people do not like brown sugar candy:  they say it tastes too much like pure brown sugar; but it has always been my favorite home-made candy.   Click on the recipe to make it larger.


  1. This sounds similar to my Grandma Winfree's Penuche recipe. We've never found her actual recipe for it, but I managed to get fairly close to the taste. Your recipe card is very precious! thanks for sharing. -Tammy

  2. I've made a copy of the old card. The question is whether or not I will actually show it to Marilyn as I don't need another method to ingest calories. But it looks good.
    It's appropriate that my word verification is 'drool.'

  3. It does sound like penuche, which I love! I'll ignore the calories too. :)

  4. I have made some similar to that in the past but put some peanut butter in it. Been a long time since I tried that. 5 years being a diabetic knocks that out. It is quick and easy to make. I used to pig out at Christmas on that. Helen

  5. I may have to make it just to see what it tastes like. One of the candies in a box of See's Candies has a brown sugar-like flavor/consistency that I've always loved.
    I'm off to Google penuche. Never heard of it.

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Ooh! Substitute butter for the Ole, and lead me anywhere! Thanks!


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