Thursday, December 30, 2010

Biscuits and split pea soup

Yesterday I stopped by Patsy's blog and caught her telling about making biscuits.  That planted a seed in my mind, and all day long I thought of very little else.  
Finally yesterday evening I could hold myself back no longer; after all, Saturday is the day we're going to try and cut back on such foods.  If I'm going to have biscuits, it has to be before then.  
I used a large drinking glass to cut them out, so I ended up with six very large biscuits; I ate two of them with sorghum and butter; they were perfect.  
This morning when Cliff got up, I said, "How would you like a leftover biscuit?"  
"Biscuit?" he asked.  "What are we doing with biscuits?"  
I told him to blame it on an Arkansas lady.  
He enjoyed his biscuit, although he said it would have been even better with an egg and a piece of cheese and a sausage patty.  
Some people are never satisfied.
While we're on the subject of food, would you eat something that looks like this?

No, it isn't a cow patty.  
It's split pea soup, and Cliff and I consider it a gourmet treat.  It is, however, the ugliest dish I know how to make.  It isn't this thick-looking once it's reheated, but it still looks pretty unappetizing.
But it's so GOOD!


  1. That does look pretty gross. LOL There are some ugly foods out there that are pretty darn tasty. Hummus comes to mind. Love that stuff, but it can look pretty nasty, depending on the type.

  2. Ok, now you've gone and done it...I'm going to have to make some biscuits today. I haven't made any in ages and that does sound soooo good. Now I'm going to get off this computer, get dressed and do it...

    Lots of Love and Hugs!

  3. P.S. I love split pea soup too but I'm not going to make that one...I have pinto beans in the fridge made with some leftover Christmas ham.

  4. I love homemade biscuits! Mmmmmm! I believe I would pass on the split pea soup though. You & Cliff enjoy tho!

  5. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Donna, I love biscuits too. And split pea soup, but nobody else in the house will eat my "green" soup. So I just stopped making. I like it, but not enough to eat the whole pot. Karen

  6. Split pea soup is delicious, although it doesn't look(or smell) very good. :) What is sorghum?

  7. Sorghum is the edible version of mollasses, as opposed to that stuff you use in cooking.

  8. We love out split pea soup! With a blended up mixture of butter, sorghum and peanut butter on crackers :) Also with chili and just about any other kind of soup.

  9. Lindie11:39 AM

    I love my split pea soup too, I add some shopped small carrots and I seem to add a few chopped up cloves of garlic with my onions.

  10. I love my Mom's biscuits and I ate Alaga(brand)syrup and butter sopped up with a biscuit every day I was there over Christmas...ha. Usually with ham (what I like best with my syrup and butter)but a couple of times with bacon. Take care, Sheila


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