Tuesday, December 07, 2010

questions and feedback from my readers

Someone asked if I got the color version of Nook; I did not.  The color Nook is backlit (so is the Ipad) , and I get enough eye strain from hours spent at this computer.  I didn't need any more.  The basic Nook is just like reading a real book; you have to have some kind of lighting to read it.  
Lindie, I would have to pay to get a library card at Mid-Continent Public Library.  I don't live in the right county.  Actually, I could get a free card right now based on where Cliff works, but he isn't going to be working much longer.  
It isn't that hard to figure out all the little twists and turns of using the Nook.  I happen to have a longtime Internet bloggie and Facebook friend who answered all my questions, but there's a phone number you can call for support.  That's what I would have done if Jeanie hadn't been avalible to help me.  
There is very little difference between the Nook and Kindle, so don't think I'm putting down the Kindle.  From what I've seen, both readers work exactly the same; the only advantage I found (thanks again to Jeanie) is that library e-books can be read on the Nook.  Not so with the Kindle.  
I was going to wait until closer to Christmas to buy the Nook, but the longer I shopped, the more I found myself lusting after something costlier and fancier than the basic Wi-fi Nook.  We aren't rich, and all I really wanted was something on which to read books.  And I didn't need a backlit screen, as I stated before.  My eyes, my eyes!
I've had a lot of people saying they like the feel of a real book in their hands.  Well folks, I think if you try an ereader, you'll be surprised at how much easier it is to hold than a real book.  It's lighter; you don't have to mark your place, it's marked for you automatically.  
Try it.  You'll like it.  
This is probably the last entry I'll do about my Nook.  I know it's not all that interesting to most folks.  Trouble is, there's just not much going on around here to blog about.  Perhaps I can find a pleasant memory to blog about tomorrow.  That is, if I can get my nose out of the Nook.  


  1. This post was very helpful to me. Thank you. :) I think the Nook may be for me too!

  2. nerves05 ( Nancy )9:20 AM

    I figured thats why we didn't hear from you till late yesterday. Your were playing with your new toy..lol
    I'm glad your enjoying it :-)

  3. Lindie9:33 AM

    That surprises me! I didn't have to pay to get a Lafayette county library card! I live in Cass county now. I did explain to them I would only be using it for the ereader benefits.

  4. Clearly, I'm back-reading blogs. Interesting about the Nook -- I've asked for the big Kindle for Christmas. Now I'll investigate the Nook before deciding. I have really bad eyesight so I thought I needed the big Kindle to be able to see the words. I actually have read with one eye shut. Thank heavens for good glasses.

  5. Nook? Kindle? Nook? Kindle? Decisions, decisions ... if only I could make up my mind. But I'll get there eventually. I just have not had an opportunity to hold either in my hand and see how the operate. :)


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