Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dog chasing shadows

We don't have to buy lots of toys for Iris because her favorite toy is her shadow.  And my shadow, and Cliff's.  While I've been trying to break her of the habit of chasing dogs on the TV (I found out plasma televisions can't take a lot of abuse), this shadow-play seems harmless enough.  If it's too cloudy a day for shadows, I get the flashlight and let her chase a beam of light; she likes that even better.   That's the History channel you'll hear in the background.  We watch it a lot.


  1. How cute she is doing that. I have a cousin who raises little Feist dogs. He had one that would chase a flashlight. She was so funny and cute doing that. Helen

  2. Happy New Year Donna! Loved Iris chasing her shadows. I am sorry about your relative having a heart attack. Hope all is well. And we ALL need to eat better! We DO NOT around here and we should. Take care and hope you have a wonderful 2011.


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