Thursday, December 16, 2010

ketchup catsup

We've been visited by good ole Anonymous again, with some interesting information on the different spellings for ketchup/catsup.  
Anonymous left a link that led me to a long and barely believable story on Wikipedia; the battle between the two spellings supposedly led to the Supreme Court.  I don't believe everything I see on Wikipedia, but who knows.  Stranger things have happened.  
None of the other links I've found weave such a fascinating tale.   You can read a fairly simple explanation from the British viewpoint HERE, and a similar story HERE.  I haven't found any other sources that mention an outlandish legal battle.  I'm not buying that one.  I remember that back when I was a kid, a few naughty children (usually boys) called it "cat-sh*t" and thought that was hilarious.  I'm glad that one didn't catch on.  
By the way, I generally buy Heinz, but Hunts will do.  Cliff does not appreciate store-brand ketchup, says it's too "vinegary".  He used to do some work for a local farmer whose wife made and canned her own ketchup, and he said that was delicious.  Personally, any old kind would do for my purposes.  
I've added a survey to my sidebar asking what brand of ketchup my readers prefer, so go on over there and participe.  
Remember I told you we were out of ketchup and milk?  I didn't want to make a special trip for two items, so since I had a very thorough list made out, I borrowed $70 from Cliff and we did the shopping yesterday.  Tomorrow he gets the $70 that would have gone into the grocery envelope.   
The only small problem is, I forgot two items:  round crackers for Cliff, and saltines for me.  Yup, we're split on what kind of crackers to use, so we keep both kinds.  Not name brand crackers, though.  We've found the store brand crackers, at less than half the price, are an acceptable alternative.  With any luck, I'll have my daughter or son-in-law pick up the crackers for us when they do their shopping this weekend.  
Ever since I started doing the envelope thing, I've had grocery money left over.  Out of the allotted $70 per week, I usually had from $20 to $30 left.  When I thought there was enough extra cash built up, we went to Sam's Club and got the foodstuffs we like from there.  
But with the garden not producing and the cow not giving milk, I'm coming very close to using all the money in the grocery envelope.  I buy more produce, for one thing.  
I buy fresh tomatoes, for instance; I get the kind that are on the vine because they come closest to tasting like home-grown; they are not cheap.  They are much more perishable than those hard plastic tomatoes sitting beside them in the produce section, so I really have to watch and use them quickly.     
I generally buy the chicken leg quarters in ten-pound bags, cook them, de-skin and debone them, and freeze them in two-cup portions.  I bag the broth from that and put it in the freezer to use in the many recipes that require chicken broth.  What with my store of chopped Thanksgiving turkey portions in the freezer, I have plenty of frozen, cooked poultry, but I've used all my broth; so I had to buy canned chicken broth yesterday.  At least it was only fifty cents per can.    
Anyhow, my point is that our grocery bill is higher.  If I go to Sam's Club now, the money will come from the general fund, an option that won't be available once Cliff retires.    
My dad had a saying when anything was getting a little difficult:  "This is where the cheese gets binding."  


  1. Since I've retired there has been many times I've had to hit the general fund. My budget needs to be adjusted. Store brands are always cheaper but I'm spoiled and like the ones I'm used to. I'm definitely going to have to adjust. SS didn't give me a raise so I'll have to lower my spending.

  2. One reason it is costing you more for groceries is the prices have went up. What we used to get for $50 now cost anywhere from 70 to 100 a week. I have bought up a supply of dried beans and have used some of those and will still use more. I still splurge on the most costly apples because they do taste better.
    Btw I use Hunts ketchup.

  3. Lindie11:34 AM

    I use very little ketchup. I generally throw what's left away when I notice it has expired! I never have made my own but make my own tomato sauce etc. My grand daughter doesn't use it very much when she comes over. She prefers Ranch for dipping.

  4. Better look again, Donna - that is Uncyclopedia, a spoof on Wikipedia. Not even close to factual, it is a parody.

    I eat a local store brand up here in Maine, but can't stomach the crap that Wal-Mart is selling, so buy hunts or Heinz when shopping there.


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