Friday, December 31, 2010


Cliff and I have really been needing some motivation to get us on the right track.  I've been planning, as I've said here, to get back to the heart-healthy cooking; seems like we've gotten so far off-track, and it isn't easy to get back on.  Eating, after all, is one of my favorite recreations, followed closely by cooking fried foods and baking pies and cookies.  
Motivation has perhaps come in a way I could have done without.  
Cliff's older brother, Phil, had a heart attack this morning; his daughter-in-law posted it on Facebook or I wouldn't have known yet.  He'd had open-heart surgery about ten years ago.  This morning the doctors found that one artery was 97% blocked.  They put in two stints at the bottom of his heart and he's doing OK, although they believe there is some damage.  I'm sure they'd appreciate prayers and positive thoughts on his behalf.   
I'm thankful Phil is doing well.  
Cliff is going to lose the extra weight, and so am I.  

That's Phil last summer, enjoying some of his many grandchildren.


  1. I am sending up prayers for Phil.

  2. I'm glad to hear that he is doing well and I will pray for a good recovery for him. I guess that would be motivational. Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, praying for Phil too. I will be joining you.My husband was laid off work almost a year ago and has gained 20 pounds and I have kept the extra twenty that I don't need. I am looking at the Leslie Sansone site on fb. Women have had tremendous results with walking.. Happy New Year!

  4. I know what you are saying...first prayers for Phil.
    Choosing to be healthy and or healthier is not an easy goal especially in a society such as ours. It is truly a life change that has to be done on a daily basis. Speaking from experience some days it is easy some days it is hard. I take it one day at a time...and yes when I fall I get back up. I am not perfect and I do not try for perfection or do it for anyone else but for me. I love me so much that I do it just for me. When you love yourself that much...your health & your love will spill over onto others. Trust me it is a very good thing!

  5. I'll be sending healthful thoughts to Phil and to both of you on your path toward better eating. It's hard to get any motivation in the winter. I am so much more active in the summer!!

  6. Vicki7:48 PM

    This will be the year that I'll lose that twenty. I know that you'll motivate me, I'm ready. Prayers for Phil. Happy New Year Donna and Cliff, I wish you both health and happiness for 2011. Vicki

  7. Sorry to hear about the heart attack in the family -- scary stuff. I know you worry about Cliff. Brave of you to start "eating better" with holiday treats still in the house.

    Here's hoping you have a very healthy New Year! I can't wait to read about the fresh veggies and steal a couple of recipes.


  8. Phil has everything to live for with those beautiful grandchildren. My prayers added to the others.

  9. Donna prayers on the way for Phil! Eating healthy for CH and I is a constant battle. We love all the junk, the butter and good old down home cooking but we keep it to a minimum and that kind of food is a treat. CH likes his not good for him food and I don't think there is any changing that. I really do eat healthy and if I am going to eat something bad I just have a bite!

    Sun is out in our little bit of MissouREE today. Hope you have some sun there! Take care!

  10. It takes a dedicated change in the way you look at food. I try hard to only eat food that is as close to the original source as possible. Nothing processed. Best wishes for Phil!!

  11. I too will say a prayer for Phil and his family.

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that you had to find out via Facebook? Everyone has cell phones. Would it have been so hard to call you? This is fairly major news.

  12. I'm glad you got motivation, but I wished that it wasn't this way. I hope he will be okay.

  13. I hope
    phil will be ok...

  14. May God bless him and all of his family and friends who love him dearly.

    There is heart disease in my family. Since my mother's heart surgery, I've done a little better to with food and exercise, too.


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