Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I tend to take my health for granted.  You'll sometimes catch me complaining about my knees and feet, but that's really the only part of my body that gives me problems, and all I have to do is sit down and the pain is gone; I don't have to take any pain-killers.  
Sunday morning when I was so rudely awakened by a power outage, I ended up with a headache; that's such a rare thing that I couldn't believe it was happening.  The only time I have headaches is when I'm feverish, and I don't know when the last time was that I had a fever.  I took a Tylenol Sunday, and eventually the headache faded away.  
I've heard lots of people with bad knees say their knees hurt when they were in bed, to the point of causing loss of sleep.  This is not a problem I have.  Once I'm in bed, I feel no pain, anywhere.  I'm thankful for that.  
I'm a sight to behold when I first get up, though.  It seems that after a rest, my knees think they've retired, and don't want to work.  So my first steps in the morning, toward the coffee pot, I walk like a really old lady.  It's the same when I've been riding in the car awhile.  Watching older people get out of their cars at Walmart, or at gas stations along the freeway, I realize this is a very common problem.  Lots of senior citizens walk funny after they've been sitting awhile.    
I don't have a lot of colds, and the ones I have aren't severe.  Migraines?  Never had one in my life, thank goodness.  Allergies?  Don't have them.  Sinus problems are rare.  Once in a blue moon (every five years or so) sinusitis happens, but a trip to the Minute Clinic for some antibiotics fixes me right up.  I get my flu shot every year, and it must do some good.  I haven't had a case of the flu for many years.  (This is where I knock wood.)  
I see my husband plagued by arthritis caused by his years of butchering and realize how blessed I am to only have "old Arthur" in my knees and feet.  Cliff has a really bad shoulder, his fingers and hands don't grip very well, and his back might as well be made of glass, it's that tricky.  He knows not to tackle anything too physical until he's been up and moving for a couple of hours.  
He and I are very thankful, though, for the clean bill of health given him by the cardiologist recently.  The words "in normal range" looked really good to us.  
When I see people with so many physical ailments popping pills like candy, I realize how blessed I am.  That Tylenol I took for the headache the other day was the first pain-killer of any kind that I've taken for months.  
I watched Michael J. Fox on David Letterman the other night (thanks to the DVR), and thought to myself how well he handles that awful condition called Parkinson's.  I so admire him for his wonderful attitude, his outlook on life.  
What on earth do I have to complain about?  
I said to Cliff, "I'll bet Michael would gladly trade homes with us if it meant he could get rid of the Parkinson's.  He'd probably be tickled to death to trade his Parkinsons for my achy knees."  
So yes, I'm thankful that we're doing as well as we are.  Here's hoping Cliff and I get to enjoy years of retirement together; but if something should happen to prevent that, as Cliff always says, "We've had a good run of it."


  1. It is such a blessing to have good health. I'm enjoying it too. Like you my knees complain, but I can still do most of what I need to only slower and I don't take any meds either other than an occasional aspirin. Flu shots do make a difference and I get one every year. Since I turned 65 it's the only thing I've used my medicare for. It takes care of flu shots. I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

  2. Lindie9:30 AM

    I feel guilty when I complain about not feeling well. there are so many worse things I culd have. I do count my blessings, but normally it is later in the day when I have limbered up!

  3. I realized a few years back my knees were going, it's leaving the chair at the movie theater that showed

    hubby and I still like going to a movie.


  4. It's funny, Donna, like you, I don't have allergies, don't get sick (much), rarely ever in my life have had any migraines (I think I had one self-induced one once, by skipping my cup o' joe one morning) and over all, that's about it. I'm starting to hurt, here and there but overall, I'm not bad at all. I'm "only" 54 but have already had far too many friends pass on, let alone be sick.

    What all this means is that I, too, like you, consider myself very fortunate and am very greatful.

  5. It's not just seniors! I've been creaking and squeaking for a good several years now...."I think I can.....I think I can..."

  6. I'm feeling thankful too! Great post.

  7. What a lovely and thought-provoking entry. It made re realize just how lucky Hubby and I with our health. Thanks for writing it!


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