Thursday, December 30, 2010

A couple of things

Margaret asked what sorghum is.  I just assumed everybody knew about it, since there was always sorghum in our kitchen when I was growing up.  

This is a sorghum mill; I believe a horse was hitched up to that pole and would walk around in a circle.  

Here, people are cooking down the juices to the proper thickness.  It looks greenish and rather nasty when they start cooking it down.  When my parents were growing up, they helped with sorghum-making at home.  I've seen it made at the Old Thresher's Reunion.  My mother called it sorghum molasses, although from what I've read online, it isn't true molasses.  Sorghum is nothing like that "grandma's mollasses" that you use for cooking, either.   
Sorghum is the color of maple syrup, but much thicker.  Some might consider it a little strong-tasting, but if you mix it half and half with butter it's the best thing ever to dip a cold biscuit in.  I'd better get off this topic; there are still two biscuits in the kitchen, and I'm liable to eat them both.    
On another note, I followed Meesha's advice and called the insurance company about that surprise $650 doctor bill.  Turns out it counts toward the deductible some way or other.  So yes, it is ours to pay.


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hi Donna....was wondering if you know what happened to Tango?? She hasn't written in her blog in quite sometime.
    Happy New Year!! Pat

  2. Pat, I know she's OK because another blogger (Guy, of Astoria Oregon Rust) keeps in contact with her by email. I've asked him if he can enlighten us.

  3. So, it's kind of like molasses? I'm not looking forward to our round of bills for this cancer. Yikes.

  4. Insurance is getting trickier and trickier...sometimes they just like to see if you are going to pay it and it does help sometimes if you question them on it. When my SIL was hospitalized last summer for appendicitis his doctor kept him overnight after his surgery and the insurance said that was unnecessary and they weren't going to pay, but his work insurance contact took care of it and it was paid. It would have been a really big bill for them to pay otherwise.

  5. Dropping by to wish


  6. On a positive note it means you and Cliff have been healthy since you haven't met your deductible by the end of the year. Mine's usually met by February.
    Happy New Year! Looking forward to continuing to read your blog next year.

  7. You are correct about that pole. My grandparents used to have a syrup mill and they used horses. I used to love that thick almost almost the color of pancake syrup. I can't have it now like so many other things I loved. Helen

  8. Mixing it with butter is how my Mom fixed it. That's what she used on pancakes.


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