Monday, December 13, 2010


I love free things.  I love having somebody pay me to search the Web, which is basically what Swagbucks does.  
It isn't the best search engine ever.  Sometimes when Swagbucks doesn't get me what I want, I have to use Google.  But I always use Swagbucks first, because I want those points.  
I've been building up points in order to get a $50 gift card, and I'm almost there.  But today I was looking in the Swag store and noticed $10 Barnes and Noble gift cards.  I have enough swag bucks to get four of those, and have some bucks left over.  Now that I have the Nook, I'm thinking that would be my wisest choice; most popular ebooks are ten dollars or less.  
I have that button on my sidebar promoting Swagbucks, but every once in a while I like to mention it here, just in case someone else likes free stuff and hasn't heard of it.  It isn't a ripoff.  It really works!   
I first learned about it by checking my Site Meter and noticing a regular reader was coming to my blog by way of Swagbucks.  I asked about this in a blog entry and my very kind reader explained it to me.   
At first I couldn't wait to get something free, and I'd settle for five-dollar gift cards.  Then I'd hold out for ten-dollar ones.  I can't believe I've almost garnered enough points for a fifty-dollar one! 


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