Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Stargazer and her family are going through a learning experience at present.  Events at her place have been stressful, and she and her daughters have come to the conclusion that if you can't get things back to the way they've always been, it's time to realize there's a new "normal".  
I've often heard people say "Normal is just a setting on the dryer."  
Because all of us live our lives so differently, normal has a different meaning for each person.  My sister spends winters in Texas; that's normal for her.  It wouldn't be normal for me at all, at this point.  I'd get homesick.  It's normal for my sister not to have a shedding animal in her house; she's never had the desire for a pet.  Obviously, I'm the opposite.  
With New Year's approaching, I'm thinking I need to change some bad habits and find myself a new normal.  
Most of the evil (delicious) holiday foods have been consumed.  New Year's Eve carries no temptation in this house to overindulge in food or drink; we won't be celebrating.  I'm sure I'll be in bed by ten o'clock.  
So, New Year's day is a good time to change.  I know you're probably yawning, thinking, "Oh sure, more New Year's resolutions that won't last a week."
We've all seen it hundreds of times; and indeed, it could happen again.  Since I live my life so openly on this blog, you'll know whether I succeed or fail.

I do like beginnings, always have.  My SAD starts waning with the new year, even though the worst of winter is still to come.  Cliff and I have found our greatest success at getting in shape with diet-and-exercise programs started on New Year's Day, although not in recent years, I'm sorry to say.  Normal around here has become "life is short, we may as well enjoy it."   
That's why our doctor yelled at us and let us know life is going to be even shorter if we don't straighten up.  
When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to live to be a hundred.  I'm wiser now.  I realize very few people who live that long are happy in their old age.  Most have dementia; many are blind and deaf.  Some have lost limbs to diabetes.  It's really quality of life I desire, not length of years.  It's been a good run already, and if I checked out today, life would owe me nothing.  
Quality of life will be greater if we get control of our appetites around here.  
Wish us luck.


  1. New beginnings and fresh starts are always something to look forward to. Just to have something new in our hands is a delight. I like my fresh cup of coffee every morning and it's just like it was the first I'd ever had...I enjoy it so. Hope your New Year is one you enjoy and delight in. I think it's all about doing what we love and loving doing it. If a diet is going to make you better then go for it. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Ever since I switched to Google Chrome it takes so long for the comment box to pop up on your blog. I put clothes in the dryer, more clothes in the washer, changed the cats water, filled their dry food dish and took some pictures of the turkeys that are roosting on the fence! HA!

    I'm with you on new beginnings, it's never too late to make some good changes. Taking care of my health has been top priority but there are still more changes I can make. I'm with you on New Years Eve too, we never go out, are usually asleep in our recliner chairs by ten!

    Your G-Granddaughter is just adorable! So cute with her little stroller. Enjoyed the pictures of your family get together, there is nothing like family, the more the merrier!

    Glad you found the fruit cake. :o)

    We are digging out today from the blizzard. Got a couple feet of snow so at least I can ride my snowmobile this year. Last year we didn't have enough snow. Great pictures of the frost, I especially like the one of the red fence.

    Sorry this is so long but I had some catching up to do.

  3. nerves05 ( Nancy)8:57 AM

    I love some of the things you say. It really makes me think.. Sometimes i think my life isn't normal. But then again.. maybe it is our normal. Thats something i really never thought about. Thanks for writing that little tip this morning. It's got me thinking!

  4. Good luck, I definately need to start eating better and getting more exercise. I'm hoping that going to school will shake me out of this rut I'm in.

  5. I'd never heard that saying about normal just being a setting on the dryer. I like it! Life has certainly flipped upside down, but we are slowly adjusting and trying to take one step at a time. The support of friends and family has been truly heartwarming. Love you all!!

  6. Crazy Aunt Purl did an entry on new beginnings yesterday. I've decided to downsize - my weight, my possessions and the amount of money I spend.

  7. Good luck to you and all of us but being un-normal is kinda fun so I don't intend to change that.

  8. Agreed--when I was a kid, I thought I wanted a huge house.

    Not anymore.

    I also thought it would be great to live to be, oh, 150 or something.

    Now? Not on your life.

    Even barring the dementia or whatever--heck, even if I felt terrific--it'd be me, all by myself, with all my friends and family gone.

    No, thanks.

    Happy new year


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