Friday, December 03, 2010

Soup every day makes a super you!

It struck me this morning how often Cliff and I have soup in the winter.  Since last Friday we've had ox-tail soup, chili, and the turkey frame soup I made just yesterday from turkey broth and tidbits of meat I had tucked away in the freezer.  Turkey soup is our absolute favorite; as we were enjoying it for dinner yesterday, I told Cliff, "This is better than pizza!"  
Those who know me are aware that's saying a lot.  I dream about Pizza Hut super-supreme hand-tossed pizza.  
We don't use Campbell's.  The soup we consume around here is hearty and filling and home-made.  Campbells is over-salted water, as far as I'm concerned.  How many servings of vegetables, and how much actual meat, do you get from one bowl?  It couldn't be much.  
I noticed an article in Dr. Kevin's medical journal that said even doctors don't eat the recommended three servings of veggies and two of fruit each day.
Cliff and I come pretty close to meeting that recommendation, I'd say; there are plenty of vegetables incorporated into the soups and casseroles I make.  I serve microwaved sweet potatoes often, and cooked cabbage and beets and spinach and green beans and carrots.  We go through three pounds of onions at least every other week.  We don't eat them raw; they just happen to be a vital ingredient in most of the recipes I use.    
As for fruit, both of us usually have at least an apple and a banana each day.     
So, although we do have problems leaving sweets alone and controlling our weight, at least we're doing something right.    

As for that old commercial, it brings back sweet memories for me:  When I'd go spend a week in the city with my sister each summer as a kid, our lunch was usually Campbell's soup and a peanut butter sandwich, served right on the dot at noon.  Soup and a sandwich never tasted better than at my sister's house.


  1. Lindie9:57 AM

    I remember my lunches as a child were often a tuna sandwich and a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup. Or a salmon sandwich and a cup of cocoa! Now the only kind of soup I buy might be an occassional clam chowder. I make soups all winter long and love them. I have 3 different kinds frozen in my freezer right now.

  2. It is the time of year for soup. It's very cold and snowy here today. My favorite soup is potato soup and I make it a lot in the winter. I use carrots and onions in it too. Onions are a staple that gets used often around my house too. I hope your Friday is a great one!

  3. I love soups. Even better with a grilled cheese sandwich, especially with tomato soup. . Helen

  4. Soup is definitely comfort food. (especially in the winter)

  5. (((Donna)))
    I absolutely love home made soup! There is nothing like it in the world. When we have home made soup, I usually make a batch of cornbread (real corn bread) or biscuits. Yummy!
    Can't wait to get to Missouri and start making home made, good cooking :)
    Hugs, Gayla

  6. I agree with your views about homemade soup (stew) vs canned, but on the other hand, nothing quite like a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup and a grilled-cheese sandwich on a dismal winterish day.

  7. I grew up on Campbell's Soup too. My favorites are Tomato, Beef, Vegetable Beef, Bean n' Bacon, Split Pea, Chicken Noodle.

  8. I just made a big pot of home made vegetable and venison soup on Sunday! You and Cliff do great getting that many fruits and veggies in our diet. I really am bad about that, especially about the fruit part. I'm just not a fruit eater.


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