Monday, December 20, 2010

The trend has come to Kansas City

A while back I shared a video after someone mailed me the link; a group of people spontaneously started singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a food court at a mall someplace.  Nobody is going to top that one, the way it starts with a single singer and others gradually join in.  
When people gather like this, mostly strangers, it's called a flash mob.  I'll probably never get to witness it first-hand, since I rarely go to the city, but I love the concept.
This weekend it happened in Kansas City (Thanks to a Kansas City blogger for giving me a heads-up).  You'll find an article about it in the Kansas City Star HERE.  


  1. Isn't that just the grandest thing! I love how that trend is catching on.

  2. Lindie10:56 AM

    Lovely! Not quite the same impact with someone directing them and sheet music but the music was great. Myself, I was at the Plaza about that time and rested on a bench a few times and listened to street musicians, one quite bad and the other great. It would have been fun if others had stopped and sung along.


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