Wednesday, January 05, 2011

When I was a kid

My mom was never one to go running to a doctor, for herself or for me.  For instance, although I went barefoot constantly and was always stepping on nails and glass, I never had stitches for an injury until I was middle-aged.  
The summer I turned seven years old, though, I became sick enough that Mother took me to see Dr. Croxdale, our family doctor in Iowa.  I don't recall whether I was vomiting at the time; I do remember feeling weak and listless, and I remember Mother giving me a sponge bath as I lay on my bed, to get me ready to see the doctor.  
The good doctor had me admitted to a hospital, and I do recall vomiting frequently during my stay there.  I was put on intravenous feeding.  I was in a room with several others, one of whom was a middle-aged lady in the final stages of cancer.  
Uncles came to visit me, bringing Grandma along.  Everybody looked so solemn, and I really didn't have the energy to wonder why.  
I received cards in the mail, many of them with little girls' handkerchiefs enclosed; I still have a couple of those hankies.  
Tests were run; mother told someone I had been vomiting blood and I heard a nurse, snickering, say, "She didn't vomit blood."  
After four or five days, for no reason at all, I began to get better; I was brought tea in a cute little brown teapot and broth in a cup, and it all tasted so good!  
After eight days in the hospital, I went home.  We never knew what ailed me.  
We made our usual autumn campout trip to the Iowa State fair not long after I went home; my parents kept reminding me to take it easy and not run or jump.  
My illness may not even have been anything that major; perhaps I would have done as well at home as I did in the hospital, who knows.  The only special thing that was done for me, as far as I can remember, was the intravenous feeding.  
Since that time in 1951, I've only entered hospitals for my two pregnancies and some elective surgeries.   



Anita said...

I'd be curious too, if that had happened to me.

I had an incident during my early teens that was not followed up on, but treated at home with rest. My mom spoke with her nurse friends; that was about it.

Later, we wondered if it was mononucleosis. Guess we'll never know.

Fortunately, like you, I've been healthy and have not had any serious issues involving hospitals.

I pray that continues for you. :)

Best wished for a peaceful and fulfilling new year.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good health is a blessing for sure. We were always the same at my house and I am still that way. I go only on a need to basis to the doctor and thankfully I haven't needed to in a long long time.