Thursday, January 27, 2011

So, it's come to this

This is not to bore you non-Farmville folks with details of a stupid game; this entry is only to illustrate cabin fever at its worst.  
On Farmville you can have all sorts of animals, plants, and trees.  You harvest crops and get paid; you build wineries and bakeries to use your crops.  You join co-ops so you can work together with friends for a bonus.
It's nothing but a time-waster.  
Oh, and you have to beg from your Farmville friends all the time; if you have a hungry dog, you beg for bones.  If you need watering cans for your trees, you beg for water, because it takes ten watering cans to get a tree from a sapling to a grown, producing tree.  
Yeah.  This is an old woman telling you this nonsense.  With age comes wisdom?  Obviously not.
So, on Farmville one can buy a nice little square orchard that holds twenty trees, so you can harvest those twenty trees all at once.  
Hang on here, I'm getting ready to illustrate how bad things can get when you're housebound, longing for spring and gardening weather.   

I decided it might be a good idea to buy a separate orchard for each variety of tree I have:  Grapefruit trees in one, peach trees in one, etc.  Do you see my many orchards along the edge of my farm, going all the way around the corner?  
So I am forced to beg my Farmville friends for water for the latest seedling tree, and for boards, bricks and nails to build yet another orchard, because some varieties of trees are still mixed in with other varieties.  
I think the time has come for the men in the white coats to come and haul me away.    

On a positive note, I've become a millionaire on Farmville.  


Sonya said...


Margaret said...

Too bad you can't transfer that Farmville money over! My computer guy told me NO aps on FB last time I got a virus, so I've been good. :)

Tango said...

LOL...Can I borrow Cliff with his tractor to get me out of the snow?

darev2005 said...

I got involved playing a couple of games on Facebook. It took so many people to keep the game going that I went ahead and created nine other avatars so I didn't have to count on other people for help. When i realized that i was spending three hours a day playing the games between all ten accounts I quit. I was coming close to being a total facebook junkie, there. Whew!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You and Sonya make a good pair doing all that farming. I've never started doing games yet but winter is not over yet either. I don't get much computer time with the grand babe here. He's had his lunch is down for a nap right now.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Well.. Congrats on your millionaire status :) I'm not a fv farmer but I don't see it's much different than other ways to pass the time in the winter. Crossword puzzles, board games, reading, watching t.v....
If you enjoy it, have fun with it! -Tammy

Angela said...

You're a nut. That made me laugh... especially the separated-by-variety orchards. Happy Farming!

Sheila said...

Hey that's a good idea, I only have one orchard. That is the worst part having to beg for supplies...ha. It would help if it didn't take so many.
Take care, Sheila
PS. and yes, very time consuming.