Sunday, January 30, 2011

I just don't get it

I have never understood the way people swarm to the grocery store at the slightest mention of snow in the forecast.  We've been having big storms with frighteningly regularity, and as yet I have not felt the need to go grocery shopping because of the weather.  
I'm pretty sure Cliff and I could make it for a month without going shopping if we had to.  I can make bread and biscuits if we're out of bread.  I have a freezer full of good things to eat. I'm not milking my cow this winter, but I always have condensed milk and powdered milk on hand, just in case of an emergency; because when you're ten miles from the nearest grocery store, you can't stop in the middle of meal preparation and go buy something.  There are canned goods galore on the shelves, including several cans of tuna.  There's always plenty of spaghetti, noodles, and macaroni in the cabinets, and any variety of dry beans you can think of.   
This coming storm could be a doozy, but at worst, will anyone be snowed in for more than four days?  The road crews should have things nicely cleared off in that length of time.  
So, could someone please explain this run-to-the-store-oh-my-goodness-it's-going-to-snow phenomenon?  Did you not do your regular shopping this weekend?  


Sonya said...

I's hilarious. We are the same way! Lots of things on the shelf. But somehow inborn instincts kick in, I guess. We always have enough to eat around here and our snows never last long.

small farm girl said...

I think it's funny too. But to be truthful, we were iced in one time for 14 days. WE had provisions, but some people didn't. Trees blocked the roads for 2 whole weeks. They had to have 4 wheelers bring food to people.

Margaret said...

I know, I'm guilty of it! It's just a security blanket kind of thing. ;)

Rachel said...

I always laugh about that, too. We buy groceries weekly, and by the end of the week, we're pretty low on regular dinner fare.

However, there are always things here that we could survive on for several days. It's nobody's choice of food, but it's food. We always have ramen and mac-and-cheese on hand. Also tuna, sandwich fixings, etc.

I avoid the store when they start predicting this stuff. I drive past and decide to be thankful that I don't panic.

Besides, my parents are only 2 miles away with a freezer full of food, dry milk, canned goods, etc! LOL

Sister--Three said...

I think it is partly brought on my the media going bonkers over everything including a snow that might come. It's hipe, hipe, hipe.

Look at what they do with a story like the poor lady in Tucson! They have storied her to death.

I am just hoping the storm stays in north Missouri and we get rain.

Lindie said...

When I first married, we got paid twice a month first and the 15th. (military) Plus we lived in the north, where there were regular blizzards. So my house always had more than enough staples to get by for a month.