Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a tip, for CenturyLink customers

Some of you said you could not get rid of your landline because you get DSL through CenturyLink.  My daughter, two miles from here, has DSL from CenturyLink, and no landline.  As of today, I have DSL through CenturyLink, but no landline; I have no other option for Internet, here in the country.  
If you are only keeping your home phone because of the DSL, that isn't necessary.  You can get rid of the phone and keep your Internet.

I'm adding this a couple of hours later:  I just checked my phone; it's been disconnected and there's no dial tone.  But I am still chugging away on the Internet.  I'm living proof that, at least with CenturyLink, you do not have to keep your landline to have DSL.

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Anonymous said...

Donna, that goes against what most people accept as "common knowledge". Going to have to look into that. Thanks, Karen

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for more information on CenturyLink's PURE DSL (Internet without a phone line)