Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sleep is a wonderful thing

When we shopped Friday, I bought a bottle of Nyquil all-night cough relief and some Mucinex, which I had been taking but had run out of; these cough-and-cold remedies are expensive!  I'm glad I have an envelope with money set aside for stuff like that, because our grocery budget couldn't have handled it.  I have slept well for two nights, and that alone makes me feel like a new woman.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be recovered enough to go with Cliff and the dog on a walk.  We shall see.   
I have a craving for Mexican food, and am trying to choose between taco soup and healthified chicken tortilla casserole.  Tough choice, but since I have the ground beef thawed, I'll probably do the soup.  
Cliff recently spent some of his tractor fund on a wood stove for his shop.  He and his nephew have been gathering wood for several days, and he has quite a pile now.  There's always been a heater in the shop, but it uses propane; that's so costly, he hesitated to use it as much as he would have liked to.  Now he's set, and believe me, I only see him at mealtime or in the evenings.  He'll no doubt spend some time inside today watching football.  When I went to bed last night he was watching yesterday's games, which I had saved on the DVR for him.  I'd be willing to bet he went to sleep before they were over; he'd been awake since 5:30 yesterday morning.  He'd been up for over an hour when he asked me, "When does it get daylight, anyhow?"  Poor guy.  
I really have nothing momentous to share, but since I didn't do an entry yesterday I figured I'd better check in.  Bitter cold is headed our way, and possibly three to five inches of snow.  I doubt we'll get that much, but we surely could use the moisture.   
I keep dreaming about the garden I'll have, come spring.  I'll plant peas and lettuce in February if there's a thaw.  
Come on, springtime!   

By the way, be on guard against cabin fever this time of year; I got this little gem from Wil, of The Daily Snooze.  Click HERE.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Spring time sounds wonderful. Glad you got your sleep and are feeling better! Have a great Sunday!

Hollie said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling some better & were able to sleep! I buy Nyquil when we are sick too. I'll have to try the Mucinex though...

I'm looking forward to SPring also!

Margaret said...

Darn--it's barely winter. We're expecting cold weather and snow this week too. Unfortunately, our daughter is supposed to fly out Thursday to NYC. Hope it works out! I'm glad the cold meds are working; they are expensive!!