Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When we got with Direct TV, I was told we could bundle their bill with our phone and Internet from CenturyLink and save a little money.  After a couple of months of service with Direct TV, their bill still wasn't added onto our phone bill, in spite of calls I had made both to Direct TV and Centurylink.
Today I called again, and was informed that the only way I could bundle the Direct TV bill with CenturyLink would be if I were a new CenturyLink customer.  Ah.  Now they tell me; so the Direct TV representative lied to me.  Oh, the lady at the phone company said they are working on it, and at some time in the future they should be able to bundle with Direct TV.  Unfortunately, she didn't know how long it would be before this happens.  
I've been telling Cliff that I intended to get rid of my cell phone after he retires; I just don't use it enough to warrant the bill. Now I've had a change of plans:  Since CenturyLink won't bundle, I told them I'd keep the Internet, but they can have their phone.  Our home phone hardly ever rings, unless it's for someone who gave our number to a creditor and isn't paying their bills; I certainly won't miss that.  Oh yeah, and at election time I get political calls, and sometimes some sort of highway patrol person or sheriff's association calls wanting a donation for something.  
So I'll keep my cell phone after all.  It's nice to be able to keep in touch with Cliff when we're at Walmart anyhow.  
It looks like we'll be saving $35 a month on the phone bill; I think perhaps Direct TV will charge a few bucks more now, simply because they like to be plugged into a phone line.  They think you're more likely to rent movies if you can do it with the remote.     
Still, we should be saving money in the long run.  
Would you believe I spent forty-five minutes on the phone getting transferred from this person to that one, waiting on hold, being passed from one to the next?  Very frustrating.  I just hope I made the right choice.  But wait, if I decide I made the wrong choice and sign up with CenturyLink again, I'll be a new customer:  Maybe then they'll bundle our bill?  
All these decisions have worn me out; I think I'll go take a nap.  


Rachel said...

You'll still have the phone line for internet. That's what we did. In fact, they told us to leave the phone plugged in, because you can still call 911 with it. So we did.

Flat Creek Farm said...

It's exhausting, isn't it? We are going to do it - drop sat t.v. that is. I'm giving us till March to set the digital antenna up. After we spend about $100 on that, we'll be set for free t.v. Yay. Then maybe we'll splurge and bring in streaming Netflix for $8 or so a month. I will not miss that Dish network bill one bit! We may whine a bit at first, but we'll get used to less choices (is there ever really anything on anyway?). Good luck with your changes. Sounds very doable! -Tammy

Margaret said...

I hate making decisions because there are so many "tricks" that companies pull--and I'm afraid that I'll end up in worse shape than I am now.

ingasmile said...

Hmm, that is weird Donna. I have Centurylink and have for almost 8 years and they keep harassing me to bundle all the stuff together. We already have Directv and internet is through them too. But I keep holding off, DH likes being a separate customer with directv and doesn't want to have to deal with centurylink if there is a satellite problem. They keep sending me notices and calling me. I even answered and talked with a girl and she did not say you have to be a new customer. But I am in KS so maybe it is different over here. We will eventually do away with our home phone. I am waiting to get some other form of internet service first. None is available where we are yet though.


ingasmile said...

Oh, I wanted to add the savings for us would be $5.00 per month.


The Farmer's Daughter said...

We have cable tv and it's pretty high I think. I can't see doing without my cellphone and the landline phone is necessary for internet. All this runs way too much money IMO. But what can you do? I wish there were a cheaper solution. Until then, I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it. Don't have to like it, tho! :D

I liked your post below about the emails. Too funny! The one about the hotel bedspread reminded me of my SIL who takes a can of Lysol and sprays everything in a motel room. Won't let her hubby even touch the remote until it's been sprayed! LOL! Maybe she's better off than me, but I wouldn't like smelling Lysol all night! ~Cheryl

CenturyLinkJoey said...

Hi Donna! It's Joey with CenturyLink. I'm sorry to read about the trouble you've had with bundling your Directv and CenturyLink accounts. I can definitely help you out here. I had your email address from when we talked a while back and just sent you an email. I just want to review what we can do and see if there's anything else I can help with. If you or anyone else needs help, just let me know. You can email me anytime at Thanks!

Joey H
CenturyLink Customer Outreach