Thursday, January 06, 2011


I miss all the fun.  Although I'm done with fever and sore throat, the coughing lingers on; therefore, Cliff and the dog have been going on their daily walk without me.  Yesterday they had barely headed off, Cliff tells me, when Iris' tail made contact with the electric fence; she got her first electric shock.  
I had wondered why she was scratching at the front door not five minutes after they left the house.  
So I watched Cliff and Iris heading off for todays walk:  Where Iris normally ducks under the fence and runs a few circles on the neighbors' property, today she would only look in that direction and then look back at Cliff.  She did this repeatedly.  Funny stuff.  I can see them now out on the point, and Iris has finally gotten the courage to get more than ten yards away from Cliff.  
I'll stop here to give a plug to   Folks, the only way I can lose weight is to keep track of calories, and Sparkpeople helps with that.  You can sign up for free.  You can actually enter your own recipe and put how many servings it makes, and this website will not only calculate calories, but also any nutrients you'd like to track; then the recipe is there any time you use it again.  Thanks to Sparkpeople, I found out Cliff and I were woefully short on calcium intake and began buying supplements.  
Enough about that.  
Summer before last I had a bumper crop of butternut squash.  I learned to make squash fries, squash pies, squash bread, and our favorite, butternut squash soup.  I froze many bags of pureed squash for future use.  Our favorite dish was the soup, but I've been leery of trying to use pureed squash in a recipe that calls for peeled, cubed squash.  However, it does end up pureed after it's cooked, in this recipe, so why have I been so hesitant to try it?  I'll let you know how it turns out.    

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found out about the calcium. It is important to have especially as we get older. I'm making some chicken rice soup today in the crock pot but for just me it's a small amount. I'm using one large Chicken breast in it. It must be the cold weather making us want some soup.
I hope your Thursday is a good one