Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's supposed to get down to 13 degrees tonight.  And guess what?  The furnace in our old house (where Cliff's sister lives) decided to quit today.  Rena said it was 58 degrees when she got home from work.  She has one of those fancy heaters that are so popular these days, and it would probably keep her and her son warm if they stayed in one room.  Unfortunately, the pipes would likely freeze downstairs in the basement.  
I called the guy who usually is so faithful to fix our heating and cooling problems, and for some reason he couldn't make it until tomorrow afternoon.  I called Cliff at work and he said, "Just call around until you find somebody who can come tonight."
After listening to half-a-dozen messages on answering machines at businesses that were closed for the day, I called the guy up the road.  He's very skilled, but he's a little pricey.  OK, very pricey.  
Not as pricey as it would be to have a plumber fix busted water pipes, though.  
I got his answering machine just as I did with the others, but he gave his cell phone number at the end of the message "in case you have an emergency".  
He's over there now.  No matter how costly this little trip turns out to be, if he gets the furnace running, it will be worth it.  
I think.


sunnycalgirl said...

I hope it works out for you..It was around 84 yesterday and today has been nice too but I have heard it is going to change again..

Margaret said...

Dang--that would be very scary and annoying. We are in the mid-40s right now(cooler than the past week) but rarely have to worry about frozen pipes. However, the incessant rain is starting to depress me...

Mo Rage said...

Another of Murphy's laws:

Furnaces quit at the coldest time of the year (January) and air conditioners quit at the hottest, naturally.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope that it was something simple to fix and not to expensive for you. This constant cold is rough on furnaces and we all hope something like that doesn't happen, Thankfully you found someone who would come out.

Wil said...

You did reset the "Critical Need Detector" on the furnace, didn't you?