Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I snore

I've always snored to some extent, but it used to be soft, ladylike snores.  Not that I would know, but Cliff tells me this.
Now I snore like my father used to snore, rattling the windows and sucking the curtains away from the walls; Cliff says when he comes in the front door at one o'clock in the morning he can hear me snoring, three rooms away.  Last night he woke me up laughing at me... laughing!... and asked me to roll over onto my side (which usually shuts me up).
I guess it was that bad, he either had to laugh or cry.
He married me for better or worse; this would fall in the "worse" category.  
As least I turn over when he asks me.   
After he's rolled over onto his good ear and gone to sleep, there's no more problem.  He's out like a light.  
It's just embarrassing.  And now the whole world knows.  
At least you know not to invite me to your slumber party.

In other matters, I was reading a blog, I don't remember which one, where the author said there's no such word as "hunker"... as in "hunkered down".  I took it upon myself to search the dictionary that is built into every Apple computer, and there it was:

hunker |ˈhə ng kər|

verb [ intrans. ]

squat or crouch down low : he hunkered down beside her.
take shelter in a defensive position : the best way to deal with your father is to hunker down and let it blow over.
hunch; bend : burly workers hunkered over the menu of the day.
figurative apply oneself seriously to a task : students hunkered down to prepare for the examinations.
ORIGIN early 18th cent.: probably related to Dutch huiken and German hocken.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I snore too, but it doesn't bother me. Thankfully no one else is around to hear it. When the babes were home I got a lot of teasing about it though. I read that blog too...she was hunkered down because of the snow... I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one...

Leilani Lee said...

Snoring is sometimes liked to sleep apnea -- have you thought about having a sleep study? And of course there is a word hunker. It's right there on page 606 of my trusty 11th edition. I have hunkered many times.

Hollie said...

Hubby says I snore too! He snores also! LOL

I read that blog too! It's Blueridge Boomer. I've been hunkered down!

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Donna, Yep, sometimes my hubby has to hunker down when I snore too! LOL Karen

darev2005 said...

My wife snores like a Brahma Bull. On occasion the vibration sets the dishes rattling in the shelves and sets off the neighbors car alarm. Several times I have seen crews from the Geological Survey around the neighborhood with seismographs and other weird equipment muttering about "aftershocks" and "epicenters". I could have told them, but I'll leave it a mystery for now. She has told me I snore as well. But I've never heard it so I don't believe it.

Hyperblogal said...

I snore so bad that the cat wakes me up and pushes me over.....

Ms Martyr said...

I also snore, always have. I was teased at slumber parties about it. I'm so bad now that my husband has resorted to sleeping in another room. That's okay, I can hog the whole bed without remorse.

Amy said...

Jesse never believed he snored as bad as I claimed til I got him on video. I can hear him all the way upstairs with the door closed. The sad part about that is....he's had three surgeries to stop him from snoring.

Cliff said...

my cpap machine stopped my snoring. Now I sleep like a baby. And silently too my wife says.

Wil said...

So, Donna, have you ever discussed with your Doctor the possibility that OSA might be the source of your increasing timbre and volume associated with YOUR snoring? It took care of my wife's, once she got her head around the notion I'd prefer sleeping with her rather than away from her.

Rachel said...

I always made sure that, if we were staying with friends/family, we were far enough away from others that Kevin's SUPER loud snoring wouldn't bother anyone.

Last year, on vacation, I warned friends about it, but they said that Kevin's snoring wasn't bad, but they heard mine. WHAT? ACK!