Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Craigslist dreamers

First of all, let me say that I have joined the living, and all that remains of the pestilence that held me prisoner is a cough.  Sometimes it's good to be under the weather for awhile, just so one can truly appreciate good health.  
Cliff and I watch Craigslist constantly for bargains.  His favorite window-shopping, of course, is for tractors.  He doesn't intend to buy another one right now, but he loves to find bargains and talk about what a good buy this or that one is... or what an outrageous price some people are asking.  
With me, it's Jersey cows.  If I could get another Jersey with Bonnie's personality for the right price, I'd scrape together the money and buy her.  I'm fairly certain I could get one for $500 or less at the auction, one that was pregnancy tested, because dairy cattle are down right now.  Unfortunately, as long as Cliff is working, we can't make those Tuesday auctions.  
I see some Jerseys for a decent price on Craigslist, but there's always some little something wrong, like this one: "I have a jersey cow open. She is 5 years old and had all her shots. She is open i have put her in with a red Angus bull but nothing so far so im sell her as open.  $600"  
It's been my experience that if you are selling her as open, she probably is.  I suspect breeding problems.  
Here's another: Butter is approx. 6 years old. She is bred (AI, Oct. 27th) for a late July/early August 2011 calf. I can't remember which bull she was bred to, but I could probably find out, if you care. 
I have had her one year, and she was dry when I purchased her, so unfortunately I can't give you any info about how much milk she gives. She didn't have problems breeding back, per se....I just didn't want to breed her for a winter calf, and then I was gone too much this summer to catch her heats. But when I finally did get around to having her AI'd, she took the first time.  When I bought her, 1 quarter seemed to have some mastitis. I treated that, but I don't know if she will freshen with 4 quarters, or only 3.  She has a good temperament generally, but is a bit on the skittish side right now. When I have worked with her more, she friendly's up pretty quickly.  Wouldn't be selling, except we need the money.  $750.  
I'm not really scared of the mastitis in one quarter, but I don't trust a cow that was not bred back for a year, and there's no way to prove she really is bred now.  Plus I don't want a milk cow that's on the skittish side; sorry.  
Then there's this one:  Registered Jersey cow, nice, no horns, hand milking now, only has 2 good quarters but giving a gallon a day--4 years old--call leave message,  $800.  
I have a registered, two-quartered cow.  I would not expect to get $800 for her, however, if I were selling.  Oh, and is this cow bred?  I've had too much experience with cows that won't breed.    
Here's one I would be interested in if the price were less:  For sale is a very sweet 5 year old bred Jersey milk cow. We bought her last spring and she has just been the easiest cow to milk and handle. She will follow you anywhere and she will lead with a lead rope as well. I felt very comfortable with my little kids around her as she is very calm and gentle. She is bred and is due to calve in March. She is bred to my neighbors Black Angus bull and should produce a nice calf. She is only a three quarter cow, but still produces very well. We would get 1.5 to 2 gallons a day when milking, but she is dry now. I was told when I bought her that she doesn't like to take on bottle calves, but I haven't had the opportunity to try it myself. The only reason I am selling her is we are moving across the country and it is just not feasible to take her with us.  $700. 
Bring the price down to $500 or less and I'll buy your cow.    


Mo Rage said...

okay, now I'm a getting an education for this city boy.


Michaele said...

I'd love to beat you to her!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Being a city gal I sure don't know much at all about cows, but I know you love them and hope you find what you are looking for. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Margaret said...

Craiglist has cows?? We're doing an estate sale and our older daughter put up an ad there. We got some wacky phone calls! Kind of scary.

Julie said...

LOL! I am with Margaret! I had no idea that craigs list had cows. I am gonna have to skip on over there and see what I can find in our area. :) Glad you are feeling a tad bit better!

Ms Martyr said...

Are you going to ask if they'll accept $500 if they don't get any other offers? You never know with these tough economic times.
Glad you're feeling better.

m.v. said...

It's strange to read this in this time of cattle factories when people describe the cow's personality, like someone would 100 years ago.