Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well, hello there

I have little to tell about today; no exciting happenings, nothing new.  
OK, here's something:  Cliff said, "If we keep having winters like this, maybe we will start spending winters in Texas like your sister."  
"I can't see you making it a whole winter without your tractors," I said.  "Perhaps we should try it for one month; we could trailer the Gold Wing down and ride all the time we're there.  I'll check on rental prices for some of the park models down there."  
$1,000 a month ended that discussion.  I suggested we just visit my sister for a week.    

Are you tired of snow pictures yet?  
That's Iris, two-thirds of the way up Angina hill; yes, this is the incline that made Cliff have chest pains every day for over a month.  Lord only knows what kept him from having a heart attack right in the middle of that slope. 

 I wonder what she's looking for?  

Here's something I've been studying up on:  Dogs that don't shed, or shed very little.  When Iris croaks, believe me, I'm going to have my head about me enough to get a non-shedding breed.  I'm not fond of poodles, but I wouldn't mind a poodle mix.  Schnauzers seem like a nice breed.  Yorkies are tiny and cute, but from what I've read they're sometimes difficult to house-break, and will take over if you let them.  I'd consider them, though, just because of the cute factor.  
No, I'm not getting rid of Iris; once I get a dog, it's a commitment, like marriage.  She fits in here just fine, hair and all.  I'm getting used to vacuuming every. single. day.  She's happy with us and, except for the shedding, we're happy with her.  
The preceding pictures were from yesterday's walk; the following ones are from today.  

There's my poor, neglected cabin, surrounded by trees covered with hoarfrost.  

It looks like a Christmas card, doesn't it?  Before our walk in the woods was over, the frost was falling on us in flakes, just like snowflakes.   
Walking was harder today because of the little bit of thawing yesterday.  A crust froze back on top of the snow and really made it difficult.  
That's about all I know for today; hopefully inspiration will visit me tomorrow.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Inspiration does seem hard to find these days. I've taken to the basement sorting out stuff. What a mess. Somebody has to do it and what better time for it. When the weather gets nice I will not want to be in the basement. A visit to your sister would be nice for you this time of year. Retirement days are going to give you both a lot of time for things like that. Both of my sisters live close by so there is no hope there for me.

Hollie said...

I love the pictures from your walk! Mattie is a Yorkie-Poo. She doesn't shed, & she was easy to house break. Iris is beautiful though!

madcobug said...

Those are beautiful pictures. Love that hoarfrost which we very seldom have. I wonder what Iris was digging in that snow after. Patches still sheds like crazy. Shivvers all the time. I keep one of those throws to cover her with when she is laying down. Helen

Sonya said...

I enjoy the snow pics! I sure have enjoyed our poodle. Can you tell? lol. She is a one of a kind though. You all get deeper snows than we do and it is soooo pretty.
Take care.

Forty Pound Sack said...

My sister has two cocapoos. They don't shed, either, but she does have to take them to the groomer to get clipped. They're pretty cute, and not too big.

Paula said...

I'm sitting here with a jacket on sipping iced tea and looking at your snow pictures and no I'm not tired of looking at your snow pictures.

Sheila said...

I love your snow! Take care, Sheila

Margaret said...

There are some really cool dogs that don't shed at all. My friend has a Golden Doodle and loves her. I don't think she sheds, but she is big and affectionate. I love your snow pics because I don't have to deal with the white stuff. (not since November and I don't miss it!)

Ms Martyr said...

Some of the non shedding breeds are like magnets for every dried blade of grass, bark, etc., which they then carry back into the house. Have you tried brushing Iris every day? I only manage to use a Furminator on my two once or twice a week but I can tell the difference when I don't.

Donna said...

Ms. Martyr, the more I use the furminator, the more hair she seems to shed! Seriously.