Sunday, January 23, 2011

So, back to the shop

Cliff was hard at work on the added wing to his shop, but it was April; it was the weekend.  We had bought a Honda Gold Wing the previous year.  

So we went for a ride.  The matching Gold Wing shirts we wore that day had been given to us the weekend before by my good friend Joanna, who lives near Washington, DC; she had come for a visit.  

We decided to go to Versailles to visit Cliff's aunt.  His sister Charlene and her husband rode along with us on their Harley.  We had a good visit with the aunts.  Cliff's cousin, Darryl, told us about a scenic road to take on the way home that would be a wonderful motorcycle ride, and Aunt Gertrude said, "Oh, you don't want to take that old crooked road."  She didn't understand that crooked roads are fun on a motorcycle.  

The next day was Easter Sunday, and we rode our motorcycle to Church where we heard the New Life Choir sing.  Life was good.
Four days later, Cliff was in the hospital.  

(to be continued)


Midlife Mom said...

Glad you and Cliff built the workshop. The Hubs and I were just talking yesterday about each morning when we get up we don't know if it's our last or not. Only God knows. That's why we built our barn and have been so glad we did! We spend a lot of time out there and Hubs doesn't do too much to relax so I am glad he has that to putter around in and drive his tractor.

Love your site, it looks so good. Can you e-mail me and tell me how you made it wider? I just can't seem to change my seasonal wallpaper any more so I would like to have it wider.

Brutally cold here in Maine. May get down to -30* below this week. That's even cold for me and I like the cold.

Midlife Mom said...

Me again, I just read your comment. I should have made D's bedspread but I just haven't been doing much sewing lately. I don't know why, just haven't had the desire. We've got over two feet of snow and another big one coming in on Wednesday. I'd like to go out on my snowmobile today but my kids are visiting DIL's family so I think I'd better not go it alone this time, if I got stuck it would be a long cold walk home alone.

Margaret said...

That's a great photo on the motorcycle! I'm scared of them and wouldn't like leaning into any curves. ;)