Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On my Ipod

It occurred to me this morning that I hadn't taken any pictures of the snow, so I hurried outside and took a shot of my house.  If you think that looks cold, you're right.  It's even colder than it looks.  I walked with Cliff yesterday for the first time in over a week, but I didn't think to take my camera.  Today the high was around fourteen degrees with strong winds, and we didn't walk.  It'll be colder tomorrow, although we may walk if there's no wind.  That wind makes all the difference.   
While I busied myself around the house today I put my Ipod on shuffle and enjoyed it immensely.  Some of my tastes in music are so odd, there's not even a radio station that plays them.  
I wrote down the songs in order as they played:  Woody Guthrie, Greenback Dollar; Iris Dement, Shores of Jordan; Moe Bandy, Beauty's in the Eye of the Beholder; Billie Jo Spears, Every Day I Have to Cry Some; Moe Bandy, I Cheated Me Right Out of You; Green Day, The Static Age; Iris Dement, Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day; John Denver, Eclipse; Doc Watson, Corina Corina; Mark Lanegan, Man in the Long Black Coat; Phil Ochs, Bound for Glory; Bobby Bare, The Winner; Janis Joplin, A Woman Left Lonely; Bobby Bare, 500 Miles; Johnny Cash, Hurt; John Prine, Grandpa was a Carpenter; Craig Morgan, I Want Us Back; Grateful Dead, Cocaine; Simon and Garfunkle, Bridge Over Troubled Water; John Prine and Iris Dement, In Spite of Ourselves; Janis Joplin, Amazing Grace; Gene Watson, Paper Rosie; Duane Eddy and the Ventures, Raunchy; Ray Charles, America; John Prine, Morning Train; Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around.    
When Cliff comes in, I turn off my music.  He likes about 90% of it, all the 70's and 80's country; but when Iris Dement, John Prine, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Green Day, or Janis Joplin start singing, he rolls his eyes.  So, just to be safe, I turn it all off.  I have plenty of chances to listen to my music when he's at work or in the shop.     

Two different people commented on my snoring entry, suggesting I might have sleep apnea and need a Cpap machine.  I did a little reading on that, and I see that a huge percentage of people get those machines and then don't use them for one reason or another.  I think since Cliff is so hard of hearing and goes to sleep so rapidly, and since he is able to make me shut up until he does get to sleep, we'll manage all right.    
Somehow the idea of dying in my sleep from sleep apnea doesn't scare me; I don't know of a single person who died in their sleep (unless they had an illness, or had a heart attack).  Besides, let's face it: wouldn't we all rather go in our sleep anyway?  


Margaret said...

I would much rather go in my sleep! My husband is a huge John Denver fan and he's converted me to some of the music, although much of it makes me weepy. The snow is pretty! We're supposed to get some but I doubt if we will. :)

Forty Pound Sack said...

Most of my family members who have passed have done so napping after lunch. Guess I won't nap until I'm ready to go, but I have to say, when my time comes, I hope I go quietly in my sleep.
In the meantime, snoring usually increases as you get older. If it bothers you, or Cliff, there are lots of things to try like an extra pillow, sleeping on your side, throat spray....if it doesn't bother you, then snore away!

Cliff said...

Nice looking house. Yeah it's cold up here too. We're about 3 hours north of you along the Missouri River also. Our high today is to be 5 degrees. Tomorrow we turn arid with a 20. I'm putting off some outdoor work until tomorrow.
I use the cpap not because I'm afraid of dying in my sleep. After my sleep study the Dr explained that I was actually waking up several times per minute to breathe and that I could not possibly get into a deep REM which is necessary for rest. I guess we cycle in and out of deep REM's as we sleep. I felt much better immediately after I started using my cpap and can watch tv at night now without falling asleep.
Snoring in and of itself may not a problem, however my Dr asked if I was waking myself up by gasping for air. I was and he was concerned at that answer.

Nancy said...

My husband is in his 9th year of using a CPAP machine. His snoring was terrible and I noticed that he would actually stop breathing. I don't remember you saying anything about being tired all the time, but that was the number one reason for having him tested--he'd get home at 5pm after work and then fall asleep in his chair as soon as dinner was over .. then go to bed and sleep 8 hours, but never felt rested. The CPAP certainly fixed that part.

patsy said...

about the machine if you have insurance i guarntee they will say you need one. i think it is the biggest rip off to come along in many a day. my daughter went aginst my advise and went to the quake and guess what sh needed one. she use it for a week or so nd then it was just a blue light on her night stand.