Friday, January 21, 2011

Cabin fever

Yesterday and this morning I've been organizing my shopping list, and in the process of doing so, I realized I was getting excited about going shopping.  For groceries!  That's when it hit me that I haven't been off the place since last Friday, and that was only a two-mile trip to the bank to get our cash for the week.  It was a week ago Thursday that we actually went somewhere to shop.  No wonder I'm ready to get out of the house for any purpose whatsoever.  In nice weather we're always taking little jaunts on the motorcycle, which relieves the tedium of staying at home all the time.  
Cliff has been asking retirees if they get bored with all that time on their hands; one former co-worker told him he only gets bored in the winter.  I can understand that!  Cliff, of course, has his shop, and it's heated now by a wood stove.  However, he's pretty much caught up on stuff he can do in an enclosed space, even now; and he goes to work every day.  He's really been enjoying those Farm and Ranch Living magazines my bloggie friend in Maine sent, with all this nasty weather limiting what he can do.   Yesterday he bladed snow off the driveway.  Someone asked in a comment how long a driveway Cliff has to clear.  After it's daylight, I'll go to the road and take a picture to add to this entry.  I think it took him about an hour to clear it with the John Deere.     
We have to go to Orscheln's to pick up a protein block for the cows, and I'm hoping they have their ten-cent-a-pack garden seeds in.  I've tried enough of them now to know which varieties are satisfactory for my purposes.  I'll check at Walmart and see if they have their mini-greenhouses yet.  It's too early to start tomatoes inside, but I like to be prepared.  
I changed the header picture on here last night, and I couldn't seem to get the "Just Me" to show up.  I thought Blogger wasn't adding it, but turns out I had it in black letters so it didn't show up against the dark trees.  This morning I figured it out.  
I was going to address a rude comment left yesterday evening that I deleted, but now that I've slept on it, I've decided that would come under the heading of "methinks she doth protest too much", as Shakespeare said.  It's better left alone.  
Here's something I've thought about:  For those of us who use Blogger, at the foot of each entry are links to the blogs of persons who link to us in their blogs.  I get a lot of traffic from this feature, and I don't mind the links that show on individual entries in my own blog.  But I wonder if people shouldn't be given the option of whether they want these links to show.  For instance, my blog link almost always shows up on Sister Mary Martha's entries because I link to her: She's a nun; what if I was blogging about something a nun wouldn't want to be associated with?  That isn't likely, of course; let's face it, I'm pretty tame.  She did come over and comment once, so I know she's checked it out.  Still, is there even a choice on this feature?  If so, I haven't found it.  


Hollie said...

I bet you are ready to get out for a little while! Enjoy your shopping trip. I get excited about going to Sam's. LOL

I can't help on the linking because I have no idea. sorry

Margaret said...

LONG driveway!! I've been lazy about putting links on my blog itself and am not sure what you're talking about on the other thing.:) I generally put blogs I like on google reader.

Debbie said...

I enjoy reading all of your entries and this morning I was so happy to be able to see your pictures because most of the time I can't. Sometimes I can see your header picture but not often. I think my problem is IE8 but I don't know how to fix it. It's so discouraging and one reason I seldom write in my blog anymore.Another reason is I had a rude commenter stop by and voice their opinion about my blog, funny thing is I hadn't written in over a month when that comment was left.

I've never clicked on the link at the bottom of anyone's post so I wasn't sure what that was all about. After reading your entry I went to my dashboard settings to check it out. I believe what you're talking about is under basics: Show Email Post Links, it gives the option of yes or no. I have mine set on no and I don't see a link on my blog post.

Wil said...

Donna, from the Blogger Dashboard, got to Settings, and then choose Comments. About a third of the way down is " Backlinks". If you choose the "hide" radio button, then the Link back info is NOT displayed. Choose save afterwards.

I hope that helps with your issue.

Mrs. L said...

If I didn't get to the grocery store I wouldn't have a social life.

Shirley said...

I'm beginning to feel guilty about the 80 degree weather we're having here in California.

Debbie said...

After reading Wil's comment I went to my dashboard and checked out my settings again. The backlink option he speaks of is set on hide on mine too.