Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Cliff's shop today

Now that there's a wood stove in the shop, it's become the place to hang out.  Left to right, that's Cliff's next-door sister; then Phil, the brother who recently suffered a heart attack; Cliff; and the son-in-law taking a break from the all-day job of putting a starter in his wife's car.  She'd better be good to him; he's had a grueling several hours.  Iris is chasing her shadow, as she's wont to do.  

Took us awhile to figure out why Rena's Doxie, Angel, was chewing on a tractor tire; turns out there was a hunk of manure on there.  The dog has taste for... well, you know.

Iris seems to be enjoying the new wood stove in the shop.  
Now here it is almost my bedtime; Cliff is finally eating supper and has settled in to watch the two playoff games on DVR.  Don't anyone tell him the scores, OK?

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