Friday, January 14, 2011

My morning internet experience

When I get up each morning, I turn on the computer before I start making coffee so it's up and running when I sit down at my desk.  
The first thing I do is check my email.  Next, I go to Facebook and do my farming.  Yes, I'm still playing Farmville, and I have some crops ready to harvest first thing in the morning.  I have a winery and a bakery in Farmville, too, and I've often sold some goods overnight.  Plus there's usually some wine and baked goods finished and ready to put up for sale.  Then there are all the gifts Farmville friends have sent me while I slept, and my chickens and cows and horses to tend to.  
Once I've done all that hard work on my farm, I check out my favorite blogs on Google Reader.  This morning I got the sad news that a fellow Missourian's son lost a battle with cancer.  How terrible, to lose a son or daughter you raised to adulthood.  We expect our children to outlive us, but it doesn't always happen.    
One of my first blog-stops in the morning is My Life and Times.  Patsy's politics often aren't in line with mine, but every once in awhile our ideas mesh anyway.  She lives near Harrison, Arkansas, an area Cliff and I love to visit when we have a three-day weekend and want to take a motorcycle trip.  If you haven't visited that part of the country, you've missed some of God's best handiwork.  Patsy has chickens and guineas.  She's feisty and down-to-earth, and I can tell she hasn't had an easy life.  The fact that she retired from a Tyson chicken processing plant tells me she's a tough cookie; that isn't an easy place to work.   I link to her on my sidebar.  
I link to several blogs that aren't necessarily in agreement with me on matters of politics or religion, because I find them interesting; I'm not afraid to hear somebody else's opinions.  I have been known to remove a blog if they spew foul language or hatred that shows up on my sidebar, even though I may still be following that blog.  For instance, I'd love to link to Midtown Miscreant, but you never know what kind of language is going to be in the title of an entry, and that would show up on my blog.  (If you click on that link, you'll find out; I'm just warning you.)  Maybe this makes me some kind of hypocrite, but that's the way it is.      
I still follow Pioneer Woman.  I've seen the hate blogs, people who claim she isn't real, or gripe because she makes too much money from her blog, or seem to have been hurt because she didn't become their BFF or doesn't comment on their blogs.  I don't care how rich she is, she's still funny and entertaining.  And I can still see the real person behind the hype.  I love Ree, and I generally check her blog as soon as I'm done reading what Patsy has to say.    
So that's how I begin my days.


Anonymous said...

Right on! There's a big difference between what you may read to be informed and what you may wish others to think represents you!

patsy said...

The truth is I don't always agree with my political veiws so it is no surprise that you don't agree with mine. I get up in a different world every day snd just say what comes to mind and sometimes my mind is out to lunch!

Nancy said...

I agree with you on PW's blog. I've read some of the haters who say she's a fake, but I love her and her blog. My daughter and I went to her book signing in Kansas City last year and it was a wonderful event and we got a huge kick out of watching her two little boys just being boys.

Mo Rage said...

Did you ever imagine, in your wildest dreams, that you would refer to your "BFF"?

Sure not, eh?

Enjoy your weekend.

Ms Martyr said...

I read two online comic strips, my e-mail and then blogs. I visit the "click to give" site first. Your blog is always the next one I read. I spend way too much time at my computer every day.

Paula said...

I don't dare get online first thing in the morning or I would never get anything done.So many fun things to do here and nice people to meet and you're one of them.

madcobug said...

Good way to spend the morning. Helen

Lindie said...

I always read yours and Rees first!