Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surprise visitors

Cliff and I didn't take our walk this morning, but after he'd been gone a while, Iris and I decided to go; I love to walk in the snow.  However, I hadn't gotten a quarter of the way to completing my walk before my cell phone rang:  It was Monica, my daughter's oldest girl, saying they had ridden the bus out here; school let out early.
As luck would have it, I made about a gallon of hamburger stew today, so they had plenty to eat when they got here.  Kids are always starving when they get out of school, aren't they?  These two aren't picky at all; they know what good food is!  My son's daughter who has been staying here decided to go back home for the night because of the snow that's forecast; she's only five minutes from work at home.  A wise decision, I'd say.  

Monica and Natalie spent about ten minutes bundling up to go outside in the snow.

  Monica wore my Muck boots, which fit her pretty well; Natalie wore Cliff's Muck boots, which of course were too big.

They were barely outside long enough for me to take their picture.  Natalie came in, followed by Monica, who wasn't ready to come inside but didn't want to be out there by herself.



Margaret said...

Too cold for them?:) It's nice to have family visit!

Rachel said...

Thanks for being that "back up" plan when it's too nasty for them to walk. I can't believe I made it up your drive, but I appreciate them having an alternate place to land.

Michaele said...

Nice to hear your voice. : )

Anita said...

Ditto to Michaele's comment. :)

Fun to see your dog and grandkids. Being snowed in brings out the love of being together - especially when there is hot food available!