Thursday, April 11, 2024

Odds and ends

The next presidential election is getting closer, and I'm scared.    Oh, and inflation was 3.5% in March.  But enough of that.  Biden is being blamed, of course.  And if you-know-who wins, he will blame his own mistakes on Biden for the next four years.  Will we ever again have an election with a decent selection?  (Is that a rhyme?)

Cliff and I found an excellent new four-episode British program on PBS:  Mr. Bates vs. The Post Office.  It's a true story.  We watched the first two segments of it last night and can hardly wait to see how it ends.  I highly recommend it.

I put some tomato and pepper plants out and crossed my fingers that we don't get a late-May frost.  According to the weather folks, I'm safe at least until April 25, but who knows.  Our dry spell is in the third year and it doesn't look like there will be any change.  It isn't fun to garden when it never rains, and yet I plant, hoping this year will be the one that changes things.      

I just finished reading Judgement Prey.  I used to love John Sandford's books, but I've read so many of them I don't enjoy them any more; they all seem the same.  Yesterday I started The Berry Pickers.  Cliff is reading Columbus, the Four Voyages, a book he really likes; he said when he's on the exercise bike, it makes 30 minutes go fast. He told me he needed to know more about where certain countries are located, so I suggested buying a globe.  He was all for it, so next week we will have one.  That isn't something I ever thought I would be buying!  However, there have been times I'd like to have had a globe myself.

That's about it for today.



  1. Three things are certain. Death, taxes and the every administration blames their failures on the previous one.

    I'm getting tired of this drought as well. We at least had enough moisture I think to get things sprouted, though I'm waiting on the vast majority to poke out of the ground, and I plan to mulch thickly when everything is taller to conserve as much moisture as possible. My new garden is in desperate need of organic matter anyway.

    1. To make things worse, the wind is blowing so hard and often it's taking what little moisture we have.

  2. I am so very tired of hearing about this election. I wonder how history will remember these days? I wonder if we will even have a country left.

  3. I hope put Mr. bates in our Que since I missed the first ones. I’m ready Agatha Christie. It’s by the Lucy chick that does the British shows on pbs. I’m enjoying it. I read the kids book The Hatchet and liked it.

    Our country is in a mess. It’s like they want to suppress women again. Arkansas has the toughest laws abt abortion and is number 51 in care of mothers. Not just 50, we’re behind everyone 51.

  4. I hope Laura put.. we share a tv service.

  5. I too am depressed and frightened by this next election. I've heard of the Berry Pickers. I like Virgil Flowers better than the Prey books but it seems like Sandford is writing them together now.

  6. What a coincidence! We just watched Mr. Bates too. I just had to look up the true story online and it's absolutely remarkable. What a scandal!!
    I am terrified about the Presidential election. I can imagine the horrors of it since Trump is buddies with Putin.


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