Monday, January 17, 2011

My friend at CenturyLink

A long time ago, back when our phone company was still called Embarq, I complained on my blog about the service I was getting from them.  Whatever the problem was at the time, I was frustrated and unhappy.  It isn't the only time I've been angry with my phone company, and each time I've made my feelings known, right here on this blog.
A fellow who called himself Embarq Joey left a comment that included his email address and said he'd be glad to help.  I said to myself, "Yeah, right."  
Indeed, he did help.  Later on when I was griping about some other problem I was having with Embarq, he showed up in my comments and went the extra mile for me again.  
Now my phone company is called CenturyLink, and just last week I complained about my phone company on this blog.  Once again, Joey came to the rescue.  He's now CenturyLink Joey.  
I have never seen anyone deal with unhappy customers like this guy.  He goes on helping even when I've decided it isn't worth the effort.  This week, once again, he's been giving me that extra support, above and beyond the call of duty.   If you're with CenturyLink and are having a problem, let me know.  I'll put you in touch with my special friend, a friend with whom I've only had dealings in email.
Thanks a bunch, Joey.  I know I've been a pain in the neck, but I do appreciate all the help.  Keep up the good work.  


Margaret said...

That is really cool! I need a Verizon Vera or something. Or maybe a Comcast Connie. :)

Rachel said...

See? THAT'S the kind of customer service that is rare now. We do it at MY place of employment, and that makes it harder to deal with bad c/s.

T-mobile has awesome customer service. We've been with them for over 7 years. I've had to call at LEAST 20 times (for upgrades, questions, etc) and only ONE time was I a bit disappointed. That one wasn't even a bad call, just not the standard I was used to.

Give me customer service who actually cares, doesn't read from a script, deals with the problem or question and passes me to someone else if they are unsure...THAT is what makes c/s good.

I'm glad you have someone from embarq/centurylink who thinks and cares. The times I've called have ended in frustration, until the last time, when I almost got rude to get someone who could help. Then, that guy helped instantly.

Wow. Tangent. Sorry. Please tip a good waitress well, and a great waitress better. If you get great c/s ANYWHERE, please ask to speak to a manager and let them know that they have a keeper.

Anonymous said...

can i get his email?

Donna said...

Anonymous, you need to give me a way to contact you.