Monday, May 25, 2009

Checking in

Since the weather-guessers in Branson kept saying rain was inevitable yesterday in Arkansas but not here at home, we decided to come on home. We took the long way, though, going out of Branson on 76 east long enough to extend our riding time by a couple of hours. One good thing about returning a day early is that the traffic wasn't bad at all. Another good thing: our daughter and son-in-law invited us over for barbecue last night.

As long as it isn't so cold I have to wear gloves on the motorcycle, I usually have my camera in hand so I'm ready to take a picture. I never get the very best ones, though, because when I see something unusual enough to merit a photo, I'm busy discussing it with Cliff. As soon as we're past and it's too late to capture the moment, I'll say, "Dang it! I should have taken a picture!"

So I'm left with pictures of cattle grazing or old barns and abandoned businesses to share with my readers. And many of those are blurry or crooked, due to the fact that they're taken from the back of a moving motorcycle. I only wish I could show you some of the "ones that got away".

Here's something Cliff and I discussed as we were riding home, noticing all the places of worship: What sorts of differences in beliefs spawned so many varieties of Baptists? While I'm not a Baptist, in the past I've attended Southern Baptist and Bible Baptist churches, and I have no idea what their differences were supposed to be. Down in south Missouri we saw lots of General Baptist Churches, and also some Free-Will and Missionary Baptists.

Thanks to Google, I found some answers to my questions HERE and in other spots on the Internet. In THIS ARTICLE I read that there are over 300 varieties of Baptists!

Trouble is, even after reading about the differences, I still don't understand most of them.

I hope nobody thinks I'm picking on the Baptists; it's just something Cliff and I used as a topic of conversation yesterday, and I thought I'd toss it out there.

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Midlife Mom said...

I'm Baptist, Conservative Baptist, and I don't think you are picking on them. I too don't understand why there are so many different kinds of them. It's ridiculous really if you think about it but I guess people interpret things differently sometimes. Some of it has to do with the music too. I love Southern Baptist music especially the mens quartets, could listen to it all day!