Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random pictures, random thoughts

Remember the lovely tulips right outside my front door? The ones of which I was so proud?

Not so pretty now. If they'd go ahead and die totally, I'd dig up the bulbs and replant them. You can see I have marigolds in front, and there are some other flowers on back that haven't bloomed yet, between the tulip rows. But really, the brown, dying tulips are what catch my eye when I step outside.

Granddaughter Natalie took this glamor-shot of Cliff baling hay on the Mahindra tractor we're babysitting for the brother-in-law. I hope Pat takes time to look at this, because he's never seen his tractor without the bucket-loader on the front.

Cows always look so awkward when they're at rest. Bonnie was chewing her cud until I approached her; then she starting thinking there might be a bite of sweet feed for her somewhere, and got all alert.

She's sniffing my camera in hopes it's edible.

I received an interesting anonymous comment from someone reading my blog around 3 A.M. today: "Gosh dang this must be the most interesting blog I ever read."

Why do I think that comment was made tongue-in-cheek? I mean, it was left on an entry about my garden, for heaven's sake.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have those leftover remnants from the tulips too, but the daylilies that are spreading all over have sorta taken over...maybe you need some day lilies there. I never take my bulbs out, but leave them there year to year. And the lillies always come back year after year too. We rarely plant anything new as they come back every year. Perenials are nice that way.

Ora said...

different folks have different views as to what to do when their daffydills and tulips finish showing wait until they are died back...brown like yours...then I take the clippers and cut them back to the ground...course I am not transplanting as you are thinking of doing...they are where they will stay my yard anyway...but if you cut them back can still transplant in the fall....and your garden pics are a pleasure to read about...and I will dad burn blog to read LOLOL...hugs...Ora

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Bonnie is beautiful.

Midlife Mom said...

Bonnie is so pretty. I love to watch them chew their cud. Wish horses did that.

Fernan said...

You do have a nice blog. Second only to my own as I'm admittedly predigest. :) Why do I like your Blog? It reads and sounds inside my mind as if I were sitting in a kitchen gossiping with you over coffee. And what might be wrong about gossiping about vegetables. Nothing. I like Cliff's gloating, it's the gravy ladled over his vegetable serving. It's a trait what reading keeps him real enough, and your talking about him with your love for him shows the words coming from your heart. May your home continue to be blessed.

Kelly said...

Well, you know what they say about opinions...I love your blog, always have. Maybe they are just envious of your lifestyle. Anyone living in a cramped polluted big city would be. Bonnie is looking good, she is so pretty! :)