Thursday, May 21, 2009

Searching for a tractor

Cliff is in the market for a certain type of Oliver tractor. Since he wasn't having much luck finding one locally, I suggested he put an ad in Craigslist stating that he was looking for that special tractor.

He's had a couple of promising calls. This evening we headed north on highway 13 to check out an Oliver 1855.

It was far enough north to be in the area where my mom and dad were raised.

Would you believe the man's mother-in-law is my cousin? Small world.

The town of Knoxville is on highway 13. Every time we pass through there, I'm amazed, because the whole town seems to be a used car lot. Seriously. On both sides of the road! I did a video (through a very dirty windshield) just to show my readers.

Tomorrow we head to Baldwin City, Kansas, to look at more Oliver tractors.

How much fun can one person have?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is the strangest thing ever to see all those cars lined up by what appears to be homes. Strange for sure. Hope he finds that tractor and you can move on to more adventuresome trips. Have a great weekend!
'On Ya' -ma

m.v. said...

I've been to Baldwin City, it's pretty nice and a long trip for you. they have old railroad restored and you can ride it if you are bored.